Friday 4 January 2013

Inspirational Quotes 28

I had boyfriends from the local boys’ school just like everybody else. (Alice Arnold, Nov 2012)

Lots of women don’t realise that they’re gay until they’re grown up. Particularly if they’re all doing the same thing, which is essentially looking for a husband. (Clare Balding, Times Sept 15 2012)

The subtext is that external economic factors can never be the cause of someone's unemployment: the problem must lie with the individual. (The Guardian on the government’s multimillion pound efforts to get those on benefits back into work.)

Others get swept up in a “clique” that does give them some security but at the price of their individuality and maybe even their values. ... Healthy friend groups don’t need everyone to be exactly the same. People in healthy friend groups are there for each other, go to each other’s special events, support each other through hard times, and let people be individuals. (

Till [the right moment] does come, you know, we women never mean to have anybody. It is a thing of course among us, that every man is refused, till he offers. (Mrs Smith in Jane Austen’s Persuasion)

When you are troubled, it's better not to think about it, but to keep busy with more cheerful things. (

“His number one driving force," he says of his father, "was adulation - he needed it like a drug. That's why things went so downhill so quickly in Jonestown. One, he couldn't hide his madness; two, his source [of people] was finite." (Guardian re Jim Jones May 26, 2005)

“Neurotypicals, the socially conscious beings that they are, are inherently embarrassed by making mistakes, and are strongly predisposed to disbelieve any ideas they encounter that contradict existing views. That is why they can be so hard to convince, even when it is so obvious that they are wrong. They're more interested (unconsciously) in defending their image as someone that has all of the answers than in accuracy. And that, ironically, ensures that they are more prone to continue to advocate and spread ideas that are wrong.” (

According to Madeline Bunting, whose book Willing Slaves examines Britain's overwork culture, the idea behind the 1994 reform was that "everybody would find their own Sunday [a day of rest] during the week." "That's not happened," says Bunting, who sees an "environmental influence" in how we manage our days. "We're very, very affected by the way other people are living their lives. If they're out doing things, we feel we should be too." BBC

Before the children at my school broke me of it, I had a lot of crazy idealistic notions. Both my parents were social workers, and I read a lot of books in which good triumphed over evil and people loved you for your inner beauty. (Rebecca Golden, Times Aug 16 2006, on losing weight)

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