Saturday, 12 January 2013

Whatever Happened To...? 19

beating the bounds on Rogationtide (Parish boundaries were visited and a small boy was beaten. The ritual became more humane – a hymn was sung instead – before being quietly forgotten like the Churching of Women after childbirth.)
Bejam, Dolcis, MK One, Pineapple, Richard Shops, Rumbelows, Safeway, Stead and Simpson, Timothy Whites
cosy basement kitchens with a slight casino air (red walls and a pull-down light over a round table)
cress (not watercress, proper cress)
dishcloths (became kitchen roll, Jay cloths and baby wipes of all kinds – phew!)
jam roly poly
mulligatawny soup
multipurpose furniture
oxygen bars

pigeon holes
(Were round robins the Twitter of their day? Or was that the small ads in the Times? Or Loot? Or CB radio?)
pongee (A soft thin cloth woven from Chinese or Indian raw silk or an imitation thereof. Free Dictionary)
restaurants with Tyrolean interiors (varnished wood panelling, fake windows onto mountains (with curtains), red check tablecloths, heavy wood furniture, beams).
Rinso, SQzy, Tide, Persil, Omo, Dreft
sedan chairs
Swiss Cheese plants (monstera)
Those ear studs that helped you stop smoking. (Could it be that they didn’t work?)

tubular steel

whistling kettles (70s) Especially in metallic red. They were supplied in rented flats.
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