Tuesday 9 June 2009

25 Décor Crimes

1. Lladró and Capo di Monte figurines

2. Avocado or grey suite

3. Valance on bed

4. Wardrobe and overhead cupboard combo

5. Artex ceilings

6. Woodchip wallpaper

7. Diamond-pane windows

8. Flintstone fireplace

9. New, shiny repro furniture

10. Wall lights with pseudo candles (plus wax drips)

11. Corner sofas

12. Horseshoe sofas

13. Marshmallow furniture

14. Shell-backed sofas

15. Indoor wood panelled ceiling and walls

16. Stone cladding – now popular inside too

17. Faux beams

18. Carpet in the bathroom/kitchen

19. Combined light and ceiling fan

20. Tartan wallpaper/carpets/furniture

21. Swirly carpets

22. Shaved shag pile

23. Pub carpets (even in pubs)

24. A bath in the bedroom


25. Victorian pub décor especially when the pub is in the basement of a concrete tower block/on the corner of a 70s railway station/in a shopping mall/in a tin hut in the middle of Paddington Station

1 comment:

  1. Actually I rather like wood panelling and corner sofas...