Monday 15 June 2009

Dressing Too Old: Seven Slips to Avoid

1. If you are a femme d'un certain age, avoid pegtop trousers with a knife-edge pleat. They lingered on in Marks & Spencer for far too long.

2. And don't team them with a polo shirt – especially not in jade.

3. A bi-coloured anorak is just the wrong thing to top off this outfit.

4. Another nono is the fleece. Much too practical.

5. When out rambling, avoid tying your jersey round your waist.

6. And whatever you do, don't team the ensemble with stone lace-ups.

7. And please, please, not the purple with the red hat.

But watch out that you don't dress too young, either. Avoid fussy, feminine details – stick to classic tailoring and block colours. Italian grannies have the right idea: they wear a flowery overall for every day, and a beaded cardigan for best.

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