Friday, 19 June 2009

Whatever Happened To...?

They're here, they're everywhere and suddenly they're gone.
21st birthday cards featuring keys, 3-D plates hung on the wall

abandoned cars
by the roadside (and sofas in woods), acrilan, Aertex, Afghan hounds, airmail paper and envelopes, Airwick, address books, alcohol-free wine, alienation, Anne French Cleansing Milk, anthracite, antimacassars in trains, apple strudel, art depicting antique automobiles, atomic warfare, attempts to make the Web more intuitive by presenting it as a 3D molecule diagram

baby cards featuring storks,
babydoll nighties, bacon slicers, banana ice cream, barber’s poles, barley sugar, basketweave shoes, basset hounds, bath hats, bathing caps, bay leaves, beaujolais nouveau, beetroot in white sauce, Bemax, Bejams, biofeedback, biological washing powder, birthstones, biscuit barrels, black-and-white movies on TV, black felt Spanish bulls, black pudding, bloater paste, boiled cabbage, bottle gardens, bouillabaisse, bowls full of coloured marble eggs, Brentford Nylons, bridge rolls, Britvic orange juice, brown lino, brushed nylon, budgies, bull-fighting posters, butter knives, butterscotch

Cajun music,
Californian Poppy scent, candlewick bedspreads, cap guns, carbon paper, carpet beaters, carphones, CD Roms, champagne breakfasts, charity telethons, cheesecloth, chest freezers, chicken in the basket, chiffon scarves, chlorophyll chewing gum, choral speaking, chrysanthemums, cinder paths, Cinzano, Clarnico mints, coal scuttles, cocktail biscuits, coconut ice, coconut matting, coffee percolators, cold consommé, collecting cheese labels, beer mats, bus tickets, postcards, car numbers, silver paper, computer addiction, cooking sherry, cottage loaves, Courtelle, Crimplene, crystallized fruit, custard tarts, cuticle remover

Dad’s Cookies,
Danish pastries, debating societies, deckle-edged paper, Dentyne gum, disco dancing flowers, dolly birds, dominoes, draught excluders, dressing tables, dried flowers, drystone walls, dungarees, Duotan, dymotape, Dynel artificial hair

earth shoes,
Edam cheese, eiderdowns, electric blue, elephant jokes, enamel buckets, Enamelaires, Eno’s Fruit Salts, Enterovioform, ergonomics, escalopes, Evostik, executive toys

fax paper, fairy movies,
fawn (the colour), fear of eye damage from TV/VDU screens, fettucine, fibre optic lamps, Findus crispy pancakes, fish paste, flag days, Flit guns, Florentines, flower presses, flyspray, fold-up pushchairs, fortune tellers with crystal balls, fountain pens, foxtail chains, freshair fiends, fruit flans, fun runs, futons

Gabicci clothes, gabardine raincoats,
gala pie, galoshes, garbage disposal units, gas-powered corkscrews, Garibaldi biscuits, Gentleman’s Relish, ginger biscuits, Girl Fridays, glacé cherries, Gloy paste, gobstoppers, gold-top milk, gonks, Grape Nuts, grapefruit knives and spoons, greengage jam, Grimly Feendish, Gripfix, growbags

hairpin bends, handkerchief sachets, hard margarine Hawaiian Tropic, herring-bone tweed, Holly Hobbie, Harmony hairspray,, holograms, hot plates, housecoats, hundreds and thousands, hurdling races

ice cream wafers,
indelible pencils, individual fruit pies, individual fruit-cake slices, Internet addiction, investing in ostrich farms, Irish stew, isometric exercises, I-Spy books, Izal Medicated Sanitary Paper

Original Crunchy cereal, junket

and Tia Maria, Kardomah coffee houses, kinkajous, kipper paté knickerbocker glories, Kunzl cakes, kleptomania, knitting machines

langues du chat,
laundry boxes, lavender water, leaving the gentlemen to their port, Lent lilies, Letraset, liver sausage, living in sin, log tables, loony lefties, lucky four-leaf clovers, lucky mascots, lucky white heather, luncheon vouchers, Lux

MacFisheries, macrobiotic diets, magic eye pictures, male chauvinism, Marie biscuits, Maryland cookies, Mazola corn oil, meths drinkers, microfiches, milk bottle tops, milk bottles, milk machines, mint choc ice, monkfish, monocles, Moon Drops, Morton’s pie filling, Mouli hand-powered food mixers, mountain bikes, movies “based on a true story” and starring Loni Anderson and Corbin Bernsen (and called Something Something: The [name of person you’ve never heard of] Story), Mr Softee, musak, mustard and cress, musical birthday cards

navy gym knickers,
nested tables, nettle fabric, New Age travellers, New English Bible, New English Library, New Society, news theatres, NHS glasses, Nice biscuits, nightdress cases, nougat, Nubuck, nutty slack, nylon sheets

office memos, olde tyme dancing, omelettes, open relationships, open sandwiches, orange and watercress salad, organdie, organza, origami, Orlon, osso buco, out of body experiences, oxtail soup, oxygen bars

packet lemon pie filling,
paisley, Pakamacs, Palmolive, pampas grass, panatellas, Panstik, panty girdles, Panyan pickle, paper carrier bags, paper dresses, paper knickers, paper furniture, paperchases, paprika, paraffin, party games, past life regression, Peek Freans, pelmets, Penguin biscuits, permissive society, pet rocks, petit beurres, petit fours, Petit Suisse, PEZ, phurnacite, Picador and Paladin paperbacks, Pickasticks, pinball, pixie boots, place mats, plackets, plain boiled potatoes, plain grapefruit as a starter, plain white rice served as a vegetable, plaster alsatians, plastic rain bonnets, plastic Tampax holders, platinum blondes, plastic sofa covers, Poptarts, Port Salut cheese, postmodernism, potted ferns, pouffes, prawn cocktail crisps, Prediction magazine, premarital sex, Pringle sweaters, promiscuity, protractors, puzzle rings

Quark (the cheese)

ratatouille, Reader's Digest condensed books, Red Mountain coffee, red-brick universities, reds under the bed, ric-rac braid, Ritz crackers, rock buns, rollers (for your hair), roofracks, Roquefort cheese, rubber-band balls, rubber plants, Russian salad

sago, salmon mousse, salt spoons, sand shoes, sand tumblers Schloer apple juice, Scotch broth, Scotch pancakes, sealing wax, sandwich boards, seersucker, semiotics, serving hatches, shaved parmesan, ships in bottles, shirt-sleeve bands, shoe bags, shopping in bedroom slippers, shortie nighties, Siamese cats

silver puffa jackets,
skate in black butter, slide rules, Slush Puppies, soap on a rope, smoked cheese, smorgasbord, sodium street lights, soft mattresses, son et lumiere, sorbet, soup tureens, Space Dust, Spangles, Spanish fig cake, split ends, spray-on starch, Spudulike, squarials, St. Ivel cheese, stainless steel jewellery, stamp hinges, steak tartare, steel wool, street parties, street theatre, string beans, string vests, stuffed marrow sundaes, Sunday trading laws, Super Wate-On, suet puddings, swirly carpets, Swiss cheese plants

tarragon, tea trolleys, teasets, Teflon, telephone covers, telethons, terrines, tealeaf reading, the initial teaching alphabet

the sound of bicycle bells, manual typewriters, many phones ringing

the Test Card, thongs, tiddlywinks, tieclips, tiepins, Tiffin bars, time and motion experts, Time Out’s agitprop section, tinned mandarin segments, tinned prawns, tinned spaghetti hoops, tinned strawberries, Tizer, toasting forks, Toby jugs, toilet-roll covers, tomato red, top of the milk, Treasury tags, tuna mould, Twiglets, typewriter covers, typewriter rubbers, Trebor chews

UHT milk,
Unox Luncheon Meat

vegetable dishes
with lids, Venetian blinds, Ventaxia, Venus pencils, vests, vibraphones, vichysoisse, video nasties, Vilene, violet cachous

Wade figurines,
Wagon Wheels, waiting an hour after lunch before swimming, wall hangings, Walnut Whips, washing your hair once a week, watching TV with the lights out, water polo, wearing a headscarf over curlers, whitebait, wife swapping, willpower, wintergreen lozenges, witty graffiti (or were they just arch and whimsical?), woks, wrapover overalls, Wright’s Coal Tar soap

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