Thursday 15 August 2013

More Geological Eras

And other terminology that sounds like a 70s thriller.

Chevreul’s pendulum (It demonstrates the ideomotor effect.)

Disruption of 1843
(The Free Church breaks away from the Church of Scotland.)

Ipswichian Interglacial

The Red Centre (of Australia)

Strombolian Explosion

Hawaiian Eruption

Untempered Schism
(Dr Who)

Rockingham Anomaly (Possible pingo in South London.)

Great Kelderara Invasion (A third wave of Roma migration to Bulgaria, known as the great Kelderara invasion, came after the abolition of slavery in Wallachia (a region of Romania) and Moldova. Via blogger Pipopotamous)

Werribee sludges (A stockpile of sewage waste from Melbourne that has been accumulating since 1898. New Scientist May 2013)

Western Palearctic

Nebo-Sarsekim tablet (Cuneiform tablet now in the British Museum from a large sun-worship temple at Sippar in modern Iraq. Wikipedia)

Heinrich Events (During Ice Ages, flotillas of icebergs drop rocks onto the sea floor as they melt – “ice-rafted debris”.)

Laurentide ice sheet (Involved in Heinrich events.)

Late Heavy Bombardment (with meteors. Happened around 4.1 to 3.8 billion years ago. Also known as the Lunar Cataclysm.)

Late Unpleasantness (litotes for war)

dark triad trait scores (Includes psychopathy alongside related constructs such as narcissism and machiavellianism.)

Hangenberg Extinction Event (At the end of the Famennian Epoch, sea-levels fell and the seas became less oxygenated.)

Hutton’s Unconformity (An unconformity – where one type of rock meets another – found by geologist James Hutton in Inchbonny in 1787.)

Kondratiev Winter (“Exposing the Ponzi scheme of fiat currency is necessary to better understand how it could facilitate the onset of a Kondratiev Winter.” Position in an economic cycle. Other cycles are: Kitchin inventory, Juglar fixed investment, Kuznets infrastructural investment and Grand Supercycle. Kondratiev also had a Wave named after him.)

Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Beringian Standstill (Early Americans pause in Beringia – the land bridge between Siberia and Alaska – before populating the rest of the Americas.)
Solutrean Hypothesis (Or did people from the European Solutrean culture cross the Atlantic to the Americas on ice sheets?)
Kelp Highway (Another hypothesis about the arrival of Homo sapiens in the Americas.)

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