Monday 7 October 2019

Literary Clichés Part One

Scottish Ballads I was away with the fairies – for seven years.
I love my girlfriend even though she's a man-eating serpent.
It was a dark and stormy night - perfect for sailing to Norway.
I love you - let's have a shape-shifting contest.
Darling, I'm back! Ignore the cloven hoof.

The standard English folk-song is more or less:
As I walked/rode out one morning
On my coal-black/milk-white steed
In the merry month of May
Whom should I meet but a
Shepherdess/gypsy girl/maiden OR
Soldier/sailor home from the wars
Looking for lost sheep/a gold ring/ sweetheart
Among the leaves so green-o...

(Jane Susanna Ennis)

She's dead (but was hot)
Hell no that's a ghost
It's cold, also harvests
He's away in the army ugh

Art by H.J. Ford.