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tells the story of a teenager called Anna in the Swinging Sixties who discovers she has some unusual powers. She uses them to make friends at her new school, and return a few favours, but then she comes to the notice of the local coven, and she discovers her parents have secrets they aren't sharing. Soon she finds herself in London, which everyone says is "where it's at". Should she turn on, tune in and drop out? Her friends range from sensible secretaries to druggy boutique staff to... read it and find out.

Here's a very generous review from Moira Redmond from the Clothes in Books blog, and some lovely comments from other readers.

And a lovely comment from Claire Thomas Hawnt: It was so good that I left my first ever Amazon review. I am astonished that a self published book should contain writing of that quality. You should be very proud.

Here's the sequel:


Anna never wanted to be a witch, but she has to protect herself from some old fiends, while wondering if there is more to life than being a temp secretary. She tries stints as a model, and mixes with college students while beating off hell-hounds and wizards.

And the sequel to the sequel:

Anna the reluctant witch is studying archaeology and ends up on a dig next to a stone circle and a haunted house. There's something odd about her fellow students she can't quite put a finger on. She's determined to find treasure and solve any mystery without using magic – will she succeed?

The story carries on with a different narrator, but some of the same characters. It's the 80s, and Francis moves to London for work and pretends to be studying alchemy to impress his left-wing housemates. But the charade become all too real...

All the lying rhetoric you need to get your party into power, move the working classes out of valuable property (just call it "decanting"), give a nasty thing a nice name, overstate your case and much, much more.

A collection of bromides, clichés, sayings, nonsense, myths, urban legends and all those factoids that we love to believe in. It's not what people don't know that's the problem, it's what they know that ain't so.

A SHORT GUIDE TO WRITING WELL Shows you how to polish your prose, hone your ideas and avoid the obvious pitfalls.


WHATEVER HAPPENED TO...? A nostalgic gallop down memory lane, rounding up those fads, fashions and phenomena that have faded from our lives. From acrilan to zircons, plus some long-gone silly ideas and exploded sacred cows. And is it safe to say you don't like Henry Moore now?

MOVIE AND TV CLICHES Situations, plots, dialogue and characters you hoped you'd never see again. Take it with you when you investigate the old dark house. You’re sure to find someone sitting in an armchair who says “Looking for something?”

JOBS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED Thinking of a change of career? Why not retrain as an alligator wrangler or wedding choreographer? Lots of ideas here (not all of them legal, decent, honest or truthful).

Here's a review: I've had some odd jobs in my time... but I've barely scratched the surface of alternative employment, judging by the contents of Ms Fisher's book! Worth 77p of your hard-earned any time. (Mike Savage)

HOW TO TALK POSH How do the upper classes really speak? Do they still say "How spiffing, old bean?" Here's your guide to the vocabulary of the best British sets.

Here's a review from Amazon: I chose this book out of curiosity. I found its comedic value more interesting than its value as a serious handbook on how to talk posh.

CLARE, GRAN AND THE SEVEN-LAYER PIE An illustrated children's book (5-8). It’s the mid-60s and Clare is staying with her Gran, whose cooking is… interesting. She insists on putting in her cakes, bread and jam for the WI baking contest at the local fete. The two of them have a great day watching the Highland dancing and getting their fortunes told. Who will win Best Gateau?

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