Tapestries and Paintings

Here are some of the tapestries I've been doing in lockdown and earlier, and some recent paintings. If you see anything that interests you, contact me at lucyrfisher@yahoo.com.

Akron, Ohio, from a photograph by Brandon Bartoszek. Brandon is on Instagram as eridony_prime and his Flickr page is here.

Rainy Barbican from the top of a bus.

Bath shop in Southgate Road, from the top of a bus.

Waterloo Bridge.

The City at dusk from my window.

The City obscured by rain.

The City on a grey day.

The dual carriageway
Highways England want to build through the middle of a tranquil Sussex village.

A view from a church tower in Hackney Wick, by London Viewpoints

Inside view of a pylon.

Prague at night, from the Edgelands {liminal spaces} Facebook group.

Road to Nowhere. Picture from the internet.

View from my window at night, pastel drawing.

Alley at night, painting on wood.

Canary Wharf, wool tapestry.

Council Estate, painting.

House at night, painting.

Road at dusk, painting.

Rooftop, crows, painting.

Rosebery Avenue, painting.

Street, painting on wood.

Wet street, painting on wood.

Stoke Newington rooftop, rain, painting.

Canary Wharf, dawn, tapestry.

Windows, Islington, tapestry.

Top of York Way.

Grant Museum of Anatomy.

Somewhere in North London.

Pylon in Lea Valley.

Outskirts of London.

Liverpool canal, from a photograph by Colin R. Stuhlfelder Jones.


  1. These are wonderful.

  2. Wonderful work Lucy, so atmospheric ... and so good to have retained your creativity through the weirdness of the pandemic too. Fran xx