Sunday 25 March 2012

A Little Party in the House

We're counting on you for a song

A Musical At Home

A little party in the house -
The first to come is Mr. Grouse.
And he has hardly settled down
When they announce Sir Fractious Frown;
And, just as talk is getting slack,
My Lord and Lady Answer Back.
This is a pleasure. I am proud.
Step in: you'll find we're quite a crowd!
And Mrs. Contradict, I see,
Is just behind you: [Door bell rings] Pardon me!
Another ring! Ah, Lady Snap,
Permit me to remove your wrap.
How good of you to come so far
And bring the Grumbles in your car!
 Now, bless my soul, I know that face!
And yet - of course, it's Miss Grimace.
These fashions alter people so!
Come in and take your hat off. No?
And who's this trotting up the stair?
Little Miss Quarrel, I declare!
So musical, so quick, so merry,
and clever with her fingers - very!
Ah, Mr. Bump, good afternoon!
I thought we might expect you soon.
 [Knock] Another knock. Dear Major Punch,
Most kind of you to rush your lunch.
Let me present Miss Whack. You've met her?
Old friends, you say? So much the better!
Lord Biff - allow me - Canon Batt.
At school together? Fancy that!
The world is really very small.
Excuse me - someone in the hall.
 Aha, the gallant Captain Kick!
Late? Not at all. You're in the nick.
And you, Miss Shindy, come along:
We're counting on you for a song.
And now I think we're nearly done -
All here and happy - but for one.
Ah, Mrs. Tears, How do you do?
So glad you've brought your music too!
What dreadful weather! Do come in.
And now we might as well begin.


  1. Thank you so much, Lucy, for posting this in entirety! I have been looking unsuccessfully for this in books for years. I knew it well as a child - how could one forget Sir Fractious Frown? Do you know the author?

  2. I searched the internet for it one day! We had it in a book at school, and performed it with someone reading the poem and people miming the characters. Always made us laugh! Sorry, no I don't know the author.

  3. I think the author is E V Rieu - a Classical scholar, but author of some clever and amusing poems

    1. Thank you, yes I had always thought it was E V Rieu but simply couldn't find it anywhere. I can still picture the green hardback poetry book we had at home when I was child!

  4. Thank you. I used to recite this for school competitions! Just googled hardly expecting to find it:))

  5. I recited this so often for Elocution competitions and at parties - Reading this now I am having fun picturing the grownups then... I love this poem.