Wednesday 18 September 2013

Buzz Words for 2013, Part II


fash for fascisti

woo for homeopathy, acupuncture etc Annoying, and I can’t remember what we said before.

What the Americans used to call a baby buggy and we called a push-chair is now a stroller.

Bring your whole self to work. (It means you shouldn’t have to hide the fact that you are gay or from the planet Vulcan.)

home made Scotch eggs (June 2013)

very very ("the very hail storm described in plague 8") Please rotate with "same" and "actual".

strawboard everywhere in walls, furniture… (It’s a buzz thing.)

fuck-ton (As in “fuck-tons of…”) Gone again, August.

tats for tattoos (around for a while)

open the kimono for reveal all, moment of truth?

whip smart

Curse you,
[fashionable phenomenon]! Seems to have passed. Oh no, spotted July 2013.

Reuters and Getty Images will appear as "firehoses" of content…. (

double-dip recession Oh, double-dip has some… other meanings. (Urban dictionary. As usual, not for the easily offended.)

cronuts (whatever they are)

de-extinction (for the mammoth)

mass outbreak of “fawning” as royal baby is born

parties are now “house parties”. (Where else would you hold a party?)

subtweet: tweet with no @ mention that beefs/comments about unspecified person. portmanteau of "subtext" and "tweet". (@bat020)

badass popular this past week 2013 4 8

vacah, cray cray, nabe, spox, amaymay, hilair! (vacation, crazy, neighbourhood, spokesperson, amazing, hilarious)

in persuading for to persuade, etc (In challenging the religious hierarchy, Hutchinson also challenged traditional gender roles. huffpost By challenging etc)

"Smart" is our generation's "modern". (Truett Ogden/@Truett)

selfies (They're going to cause the destruction of civilisation as we know it, or something.)

sharpie: a kind of marker that young people like to sniff

fried gold

“This seems to be the summer that Popup Cinema has gone mainstream.” (wegottickets)

FOMO: fear of missing out

Everybody has a solution for Syria, August 30, 13

Trolls being mentioned a lot by people tutting that we shouldn’t mention trolls, it only encourages them.

donut or plum
has replaced muppet

The web is now the internet (the distinction between them has been forgotten).

squeaky bum time ("The tense final stages of a league competition" according to the Urban Dictionary.)

coward now means "attacker" rather than "person who is afraid of something"

very popular for “women complaining about bad treatment from men”. It has become What To Say About women columnists, whatever they write. Often used by people who never read the columnists in question, but just want to be nasty about women, or anybody at all.

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  1. 'eye-watering' drives me mad, may be on the way out again - 'handbags at eye-watering prices' - because it didn't make sense (as if that mattered).

    YOLO for you only live once.

    Fashion week comes round too often - don't mind the clothes specially - but all that 'frow' for front row and calling things 'a pant' or 'a boot' is just annoying.