Thursday 12 December 2013

Guys, it's 2013! And it's nearly 2014!

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. Andy Warhol

So angry! Children are being refused primary education because of their parents' religion. Ireland, 2013 (Andrew Gallagher @andrewgdotcom)

It’s 2013 the Nielsen Book homepage uses Flash. sigh. (Alex Ingram ‏@nuttyxander 26 Nov)

People are still very shocked when they find out someone doesn't believe in God. It's 2013. Open your mind. (Zachary Tyler Henry ‏@rebelrouserr 26 Nov)

Katy Perry's "cultural dragfest": performed as a GEISHA complete w/all the props, pantomiming, etc. It's 2013, people. (Asian Art Museum ‏@asianartmuseum 25 Nov)

There is nothing wrong with being gay. It's 2013. Cut the crap, people. (Jack Gray ‏@jackgraycnn 16 Nov)

It's 2013: Why Are We Still Using Paper Receipts? (

It's 2013 and we actually have to tell universities it's not OK to segregate audiences by gender. (Captain Tracy King ‏@tkingdoll 24 Nov)

In 2013, there is no excuse for gender apartheid in a UK university. (Richard Firth-Godbehere)

Can we not spell 'definitely' as 'defiantly' anymore pls it's nearly 2014 let's stop this injustice before then yes (khanye west ‏@ohmycroftholmes 15 Oct)

It's nearly 2014 and people still don't know how to spell 'Bieber' correctly... (#Heartbreaker ‏@Kidrauhlbeebsx)

Come on it's nearly 2014, why can't you unsend a message? (‏@Vicky_Noutch 13 Sep)

It's nearly 2014, where is my cyborg body, science? (@Supernintendo 8 Sep)

It's nearly 2014. Where's my metallic jumpsuit, flying car and robot servant? (Karen Wilde ‏@wildelycreative 3 Sep)

It's nearly 2014, people - surely the salesmen's attitudes towards women should have changed since we were given the vote? (

It's nearly 2014 about time smartphones started charging themselves.

Re Syria: I should be planning shopping trips, not a bomb shelter! It's nearly 2014 and we were supposed to have advanced past this!

It's nearly 2014, and what adults do with their own bodies shouldn't be cause for puritanical alarm. (

It's almost 2014! They couldn't find anyone of color to play a Pharaoh?? (

It's nearly 2014 why do people still think tribal tattoos are a good idea. (Wednesday Addams ‏@melaniedrinnan 26 Nov)

It's nearly 2014 why are people still thinking that the words "extraordinHARRY" "phenomeNIALL" "fabuLOUIS" "amaZAYN" & "brilLIAM" are cool. (diana ‏@iCASHTONARRY 26 Nov)

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See you next year, when we might have unsegregated schools in the UK, and a keystroke that takes you to the top of a Web page.

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