Wednesday 20 August 2014

Howlers 11

Taking on the mantel...
When I took on the mantel of children’s laureate... (Malorie Blackman, Guardian July 2014 She means mantle, as in "ceremonial cloak".)

One publication, only one, the Dorchester Chronicle, celebrated [women workers] mid-war as “the dawning of a new eve of womankind, and therefore the human race”. Big chops to the Chronicle, but it had jumped too many guns. (Guardian Aug 2014 (Dorchester Chronicle: An evening can hardly dawn. Perhaps you originally wrote "era"? Guardian: Chops are skills, you mean “props” (congratulations). You jump a gun by starting to run before the starting pistol is fired, you don’t vault over several cannons. “It had jumped the gun” would do.)

a bursting prison population (BBC News) The prisons are bursting, the population is rising.

Diana Rigg and her elk are the reason we are in penury! (Person complaining about the cost of awards ceremonies. He means “ilk”.)

Beverley Brook: London’s only river whose name sounds like a Hollywood film star. It’s actually a corruption of beaver brook, after the toothsome mammals that once frolicked in its waters.  (Beavers are toothy, but probably not toothsome – tasty.) Londonist

The Imperial War Museum stands reassuringly near the Oval cricket grounds. (BBC News Does the comma go before or after “reassuringly”? Why is the Imp War Mus reassuring? Why does it need to be near the Oval?)

We had hit upon a raw nerve. (If the dentist hits a nerve when he’s drilling your teeth – ow! “Hit upon” means “find”. It hurts when you hit a nerve, though you might say that your feelings were still raw, or that your nerves were still raw after events were over. “We had hit a nerve.”)

In our unhealthy system politicians can ignore their constituents or behave disgracefully yet can still feel impregnable (Time subhed June 2014 Unimpugnable? How about “safe”?)

Chuck it up to experience. (American – It's chalk.)

The noodlier bits belie the project’s origins in the respective artists’ post-album creative hangovers. ( on Royskopp and Robyn. They mean “reveal”.)

Far from the maddening crowd (Shakespeare wrote “madding” – means the same.)

The actress had picture-picture looks to begin with. (Originally “picture-postcard perfect” [visuals] and “pitch-perfect” [sound].)

menage (An outdoor horse-training ring is a “manège”, but why fight it?)

It had lay hidden for 1000 years… new abbeys and churches sprung up… (TV presenter Nina Ramirez Lain hidden... churches sprang up.)

arts officionados (aficionados It’s nearer to “affection” than official or officious.)

Normcore has transgressed from a trend to a phenomenon. ( – progressed)

Oy Vey! He’s a nebbish boy from Queens, New York, who loves his Aunt May but feels the weight of the world on his shoulders – of course Spider-Man is Jewish. (Independent April 2014 "Nebbish" is a noun. It doesn’t mean “a bit neb”.)

not much chop (It's "not much cop".)

pall into insignificance (pale)

Nissan huts (Nissen)

Racism is strife in football. (rife)

This book is a mighty tomb. (Galway Advertiser A book is a "tome".)

CREATIVE SPELLINGA large number of tiny flies are in my garden hovering around my grass there are hundreds ist discusting i have just recently had my grass re turfted and it has been fine until last week. (
They seem to be amune to everything! (
To me Fiona Bruce is the appitamy of a lady.
Is Wall Street teaming with psychopaths? (huffpost)
dressed from head-to-tow in black (Daily Mail)
It’s a mute point.
(disgusting, turfed, immune, epitome, teeming, head-to-toe, moot)

Construed in the 60s, a flay within waling distance of the fashionable immunities of Church Street, in this sort after location, converted in this vicarage, in a quite residential neighbourhood, comprimises of carpet flooring, everything is separated from a central hallway, leaving room contains kitchen. Live in harmony with your environment in the shape of a long rear garden, we are delighted to offer to the market this two bedroom split level marionette. Double glaze windoe to rear, plummed for washing machine, communial car park area to front of the property, recently renovated within the last three months, carpeated throughout. Concrete ground and first floors: illiminating sound transfer. This lovely home is stooped in character. Readymade tenant in situ!

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