Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Hey guys, it's 1965, not 1465!

Pupils were told the world outside the sect was evil and dangerous.

They were told that all those outside the sect would burn in Hell for all eternity.

They were taught only a religious point of view about everything. Other viewpoints were never mentioned. Information was restricted.

They were trapped, and had little contact with outsiders.

In term-time, they hardly saw their parents. They wrote home once a week. 

The institution was hierarchical and questioning was frowned on. It was run like a fascist state.

Teaching was patchy – there was no oversight or independent testing.

It was a single-sex environment.

There was no sex education. Pupils weren't supposed to even think about sex. What was the punishment? If they didn't repent, they burned in Hell for all eternity.

But they were told they must get married young and have lots of children.

The punishment for doubt? You guessed it.

Pupils were prepared for life in medieval Europe, not 20th century Britain.

Stamford Hill 2015, or the Convent of the Sacred Heart, 1965?

It would all be illegal now.

(Picture by cathcandy3)More ghastly schools here.

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