Tuesday 10 January 2017

Buzz Words of December 2016

True meaning of Xmas

the true meaning of Christmas (I have a suspicion that it isn’t “acquiring expensive stuff”.)

narcissism, narcissist: right wingers criticising lefties, or any modern phenomena they don’t like, or millennials, or...

Bellend is the insult of 2016.

"Post-truth" may have been the word of 2016, but what was the phrase of 2016? (later) Several shouts for "metropolitan elite", "take back control" and "according to polls", none (so far) for "legitimate concerns". (Musa Okwonga ‏@Okwonga)

social strategy: social media strategy

street food
(burritos, not jellied eels, chips or pizza)

Predictions that “chaos will reign” on Boxing Day as lots of people go shopping (some are trying to get all shops shut).

Twitter envy/resentment rumbles on...
finishability (and unfinishability – of Twitter, FB, socmed, RSS feeds, Tumblr etc etc er er)

dark Christmas (Krampus and others)

This year’s Xmas fashion is to make your children give stuff away, like Mrs Pardiggle in Bleak House.

All parents fear it: the day their child stops believing in Santa. (unwindly.com hed)

elf on the shelf
shade (US. What mean?)

“Western mainstream media is all corruption and lies – trust only RT.com!” (Russia Today peddles the conspiracy theories you want to hear.)

nauseating memes on the lines of “weren’t we much happier back when life was simple and we didn’t have all this technology”

I am leaving Facebook/using it less because [insert reason here].” (Click on the grey down arrow next to a post and follow the options to “see less from” or “see none from”.)

MSM is all lies!
Look – they left out an “allegedly”!

The concept of fake news was weaponized by the bad guys in record time. (Fred Scharmen on FB)

Ron Howard is an actor and director. His voice sounds perfectly normal to me.

"There have always been idiots", "we're still the same tolerant country" is the new “just ignore bullies”.
People wishing Happy Festivus/Winter Break/Solstice/Midwinterfest.

"Just a great artist no need to bring sexual orientation into it" - ancient heterosexual proverb. (@shonfaye)

Hot Cross Buns on sale at Woolworths on December 28 (in Tasmania where they still have a Woolworths)

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  1. Ah yes, plenty of reasons to remember December with disdain... very recognisable.