Monday 29 January 2018

Grammar: Adjectives 13

gruesome tat (riverside developments)
achingly sincere (Time magazine)
silly-clever (Toby Young)
glittery-eyed fanatics (a vicar on evangelists)

needlessly complex nine-part harmonies (Wikipedia)
bloated commercial junk (All-singing, all-dancing, overlong turkeys of 60s cinema.)
almost impressively nondescript (new cube in Reading @AMcNeillPeel)
dreadful, mawkish (Rachel Cambell-Johnston on the paintings of Michael Ayrton)

really famous (but very unfunny)
French comedy sketch about a haggis (FSC)‏
offensively bland (Paul Whitelaw on noughties bands)
intoxicatingly drab (Matthew Sweet on a British B movie)
unreadably forced, over-written whimsy (Paul Whitelaw)

A catastrophically earnest drama about the Armenian genocide. (Kevin Maher)
Earnest paperbacks about psychology and sociology on the book-shelves. (Simon Brett)
From the Department of Overly Earnest Art Show Names: "Utopia Is No Place, Utopia Is Process". (Carolina A. Miranda ‏@cmonstah)

Les provinciaux, the rather condescending term Parisians use to refer to non-Parisians.

The Perry Mason books. I tried, but they were dreary. Still, my disappointment didn't come close to the incredulous rage I felt when I read The Da Vinci Code. (via FB)

There are few shopping malls more utterly wretched than the RoyalVictoriaPlace in TunbridgeWells. (Gruntfuttock @peasmoldia)

She's smiley and friendly, in a proficient but hollow customer services way. (Amelia Gentleman, Guardian)

The Devil at Saxon Wall is set in a tiny village in Hampshire which is, as Nick Fuller puts it, “horribly rustic”. (Noah Stewart)

Paperchase, purveyor of cutesy stationery to the masses. (Jonn Elledge)

An utterly, totally, atrociously, egregiously, mind-bogglingly dreadful – celluloid sileage heap. (imdb on a gangster film starring Norman Wisdom)

@karlminns Good rule of thumb; if you use the word 'Londonistan', you are a fully-furnished, copper-bottomed, tungsten-edged, lifetime-guaranteed, weapons-grade bell-end.

Tom Dyckhof, the least offensive presenter on air today, asked three worryingly amateur interior designers to spray-paint bits of furniture in the Great Interior Design Challenge.

She’s a ruthlessly dull person. (David Whitley on Theresa May)

Meanwhile, at Winterfell, Littlefinger was finally in a hole he couldn’t hammily overact his way out of again. (Hugo Rifkind on Game of Thrones)

At the rather demure Worcester Cathedral… (Hugh Wilmott)

I'd love to know the story of why someone built this gloriously silly building in 1920s small-town Australia. (John Band‏ @johnb78)

One of ee cummings’ droopier poems… (Times July 2017)

They might say I was elderly – a kind of genteel pastel version of ageing. (Falling, Elizabeth Jane Howard)

The frothing-at-the-mouth, middle-aged-crisis, armchair-general, dimwitted nonsense of British press over the last week… (@IanDunt)

I’ve found it – Britain’s twee-est crisp. (It’s called Ten Acre: The Secret of Mr Salt. @bat020)

Watching some dull, wan, polite and muted acclaimed British film... an exasperated Quentin Crisp found himself yearning for “a nude lesbian chariot race on ice”. (Roger Lewis, Times)

Like MGM fifties musicals... "some weird notion of jazz" . (On La La Land)

Sherlock now firmly into triple gatefold album baroque levels of pseudo profound absurdity. (‏@charlesjholland)

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