Wednesday 4 December 2019

Inspirational Quotes 96

Drink-parenting is as bad as drink-driving.
(Alan Davies)

Everyone knows that consultation can be tokenistic or faked.

Lacking a rapt and compliant audience does not equal actually being silenced. (Camille Lofters)

Today, most middle-class parents spend years taking classes and pursuing careers before they have children. It’s not surprising, then, that going to school and working are modern parents’ models for taking care of children.
(WSJ 2016)

We often make quick decisions about complex issues on the basis of our past beliefs or even chance associations. After we have made these decisions – which often happen in a matter of milliseconds – we start the laborious process of proving ourselves right. (

"Guilty pleasures"? If you think I should feel guilty for liking anything, I literally don't care about anything you will ever say. (@stevenpoole)

Everyone mocking "experts" today. I've booked each of you an appointment with an amateur dentist tomorrow. Have fun. (Repeat with amateur doctors, solicitors, architects etc.) (‏@JournoStephen)

A 2011 survey of declared Christians in the UK found that the majority of self-identified Christians either aren’t aware of or don’t accept many fundamental aspects of Christianity; only a third of British Christians believe in Christ’s resurrection, and nearly half don’t think Jesus was the son of God. (New York Times)

Her nature is too delicate to brave the fierce storms of public life. Woman is the power behind the throne. Unseen, she rules the destinies of men and nations. Her influence is the barometer of civilization. (Rabbi Kaufmann Kohler, 1888)
An Olympiad with females would be impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic and improper. (Pierre de Coubertin)

We seem increasingly in thrall to a 1950's-flavoured 'American Dream' where there's no unfairness just 'temporarily frustrated millionaires'.

Research also shows that explanations accompanied by images of the brain also persuade people to believe in their validity, however random the illustration. (Guardian)

If you're going to defend yourself against charges of sexism, do not under any circumstances use the word 'banter'. (Ian Dunt)

National Public Radio's comment board troubles are same-old: in-fighting, point-scoring across unrelated topics, racism, sexism, general nastiness. Online was ever thus, and the only known solution is heavy, persistent, consistent, human moderation. (Wendy Grossman)

"That's just how it is!" People objecting to other people not liking something, despite that also being just how it is. (@garwboy)

In my new profile pic, I'm affecting the facial expression of a "Who? Me?" Edinburgh Fringe hack comedian. (@paulwhitelaw)

What did the rest of humanity ever do for us? Writing, mathematics, paper, monotheism... yes, but apart from that.? (@simon_schama)

I don't know why anyone should be surprised that "have cake and eat it" is the Brexit position. It has been the Brexit position all along. (‏@sturdyAlex)

Not only did the murderer see himself as innocent, but he wished to make his victim feel guilty. (David Ohana on Fascism)

The obsession middle-aged journalists have with student unions is deeply disturbing. Absolutely can't handle them making their own decisions. (@WordMercenary)

I have no idea what British Values are. Morris Dancing, Up Helly Aa, Orange Marches, Welsh Language? (@bmc875)

To imagine that therapy, rather than social transformation, can address or prevent the conditions that lead to despair is to be wilfully blind. (A group of psychologists writing to the Times.)

Shout out to the man who seems to have lost his Angry Internet Man phrasebook and addressed me as 'cupcake' rather than 'snowflake'. And it's a JOY to see how quickly people go from "FREE SPEECH!!!" when they want to be offensive to "you're gonna get sued" when offended. (‏@lottelydia)

However well intentioned, this "there have always been idiots", "we're still the same tolerant country" shtick, makes us feel unheard. (@sturdyAlex)

It's funny how Brexiters seem to lose their sense of humour when the joke is on them. (Kevin Keaves Eaves)

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