Sunday 20 December 2009

Buzz Words for 2009 II

House sales have fallen off a cliff.

At the beginning of the year, people were keen on the word “constrained” to mean “confined” or “restricted” – or almost anything.

everything is
broken, not just society

swerve for avoid

uplift in value

hinterland was popular in April

boobs have become a rack

convulse is used to mean practically anything Rural communities are being convulsed by arguments for and against wind power. Guardian May 7, 2004 Are they really having fits over these arguments?

capacity building

Woot! (It means "want one of those")

People have stopped using major at last.

talking trash (This seems to mean making your opponent feel bad. How attractive is that?)


whippits = inhaling nitrous oxide

glurge = ghastly inspirational emails about alleged miracles happening to ordinary people

scrobble = assemble a playlist on a social music site

larp = playing a role-playing game in ordinary life (Live Action Role Playing)

astroturf – opposite of grassroots? Or is it cosmetic greenery?

huge – for big, vast, large, high, massive, enormous

decolletage for bust

workies for interns

modern day for modern or present day

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