Saturday 10 April 2010

Good New Metaphors

Add water and stir

Good new metaphors and figures of speech. (More here, here, here and here):

add-water-and-stir success (imdb)
A future fast receding in the rear-view mirror. Andrew Antony Observer Apr 3 10
airless (upper-middle-class milieu) IMDB
All the gear, no idea (surfing term) (Those in the pew have no clue.)
as long as no one gets their undergarments bent into some kind of Panty Origami (
As much variety and imagination as a Bulgarian housing project. Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune March 10
astroturfing (see greenwashing) A fake grassroots campaign, creating something that looks like a grassroots eco pressure group but is actually run by vested interests (who make sure it is ineffective, and use it to absorb any genuine protesters).

(the “heat” take the card counter into a back room and give him a good talking to)
bad enough to make your ears bleed (radio show) (Gareth McLean, Guardian August 30, 2006)
balmoralised “balmoralised popular histories” George Monbiot Guardian September 14, 2004
belting out an aria in a register normally associated with burglar alarms. Guardian July 23 08
bleaching bones “the landscape is littered with the bleaching bones of well-meaning incentives” quote from NS 25 March 06
blenderizer We are in the post-modern, blenderizer phase of the world-music movement. (Joel Bresler)
Boden It's the unrelenting uniformity of it all that's so repulsive, like being trapped inside a Boden catalogue. Observer Dec 24 2006
Bodenia Catherine Bennett Guardian March 31, 2006

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