Thursday 16 September 2010

Whatever Happened To...? 5

kitchens” in offices consisting of a kettle on the floor, jars of coffee on a filing cabinet, and dirty mugs in a wash-hand basin?
breach of promise

carob bars

cash and carries (bulk discount stores)
cayenne (ground dried chilli)
clothes props (forked pole for holding up washing line)
contemporary dance
cooking sherry/chocolate

Double Diamond

Fontana modern masters
houndstooth Jacqmar scarves
investing in ostrich farms (it was a bubble of the 90s)
Irish “jokes”

pearl in shell jewellery

NEL (New English Library)

(ground dried bell peppers)
plastic covers on sofas and cushions
plastic walkways over your carpets
prosciutto con melone

shirtwaisters and “button-through” dresses

soda siphons
teledildonics (remote sex has caught on, but it’s hand-operated)
texter’s thumb
the new celibacy
tinned crab
triangular signs reading: MAJOR ROAD AHEAD and YIELD
Watney’s Red Barrel

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