Sunday 26 September 2010

Say What You Mean (Euphemisms)

a wide range of sizes = 32A to 40C, 4-7 (shoes), 6-14 (clothes) etc etc

landscaping = scorched earth policy

live hard = drink heavily

making hard decisions, speaking hard truths = taking people’s money away Ed Miliband and Andrew Marr, BBC Sept 26 10

Our mission is to make classical music relevant today! = Our mission is to turn a profit from classical music!

photo editing = retouching, faking

protection = insurance, condom or sanitary towel

rehab = drying out, cure

rehabilitation = treatment for drug/alcohol addiction

choice = Choice is considered a dirty word by many educationalists but parents – weirdly enough – are actually quite keen to push their children into better schools. This site helps them beat the system. Daily Telegraph Aug 10

speak out = give liberal viewpoint

stereotype = racism, pejorative stereotype

tension/tumult/turmoil all euphemisms for “trouble” (and “troubled” is a euphemism for mad, criminal, drunk etc)

unsettled = rainy
urban, street = black (music, fashion)

Women [who marry a man plainer than themselves] want a man who’s positive and supportive. Or, to use another word, grateful. Carol Midgley Times Sep 16 10

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