Tuesday 17 May 2011

Mixed Metaphors Part Four

From now on, I’m watching everything you do with a fine-tuned comb. via jimcarlton.com

I have a lot of black sheep in my closet. via jimcarlton.com

He’s a wolf in cheap clothing. via jimcarlton.com

They’re diabolically opposed. via jimcarlton.com

The menu was frozen in the amber of 1973. Matthew Norman Daily Telegraph April 11

these stringent controls work to alienate and sap employees (BPS Occupational Digest) You sap someone’s strength – think of boring a hole in a maple tree and draining off its sugary sap. Or is it from hitting someone on the head with a sap or blackjack? But these employees have been demotivated, not knocked out.

“Britain’s recovery from the worst recession in decades is gaining traction, but confused economic data and the high risk of a hung Parliament could yet snuff out its momentum.” Quoted in the New York Times April 11 2011

These financial chains will set the stage for the high-stakes financial pressures which would always dog Ian Fleming's life. klast.net

Microsoft is thoroughly dropping the ball on that front. popsci.com You either drop a ball or you don’t, you can’t drop something “thoroughly”.

unlucky enough to cross paths with them (you cross swords with someone when fighting a duel, or you cross someone’s path)

mired in fog (Pirates of the Caribbean)

over-egging the omelette (Metro on that Nick Robinson programme The Street that Cut Everything) You over-egg a pudding – presumably if you add too many eggs it falls apart (or goes too solid).

Government tears up red tape (Times Mar 17) You cut red tape and tear up documents/rules/acts/contracts/agreements – you can do this because they are printed on paper.

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