Sunday 29 July 2012

Inspirational Quotes 19

Men like to say that they find intelligence attractive. 

One in five British women will reach the menopause without having had children. ONS study 2011

40 per cent of female university graduates aged 35 are childless and 30 per cent will stay that way. Institute of Education

You can express your interest in the normal way: get drunk and try to get off with her. Or the sensible way: clarify that she fancies you by asking her out on an official "date".

If you tell someone you want to be their boyfriend and they say "no, thanks" then that doesn't leave you much room for manoeuvre.

When you fall in love, you will think about moving in, about engagement, about marriage, about children, about divorce, about how to get along with your ex. Guardian May 5 12

We carried on with the charade. Blair’s ex-speech writer, Guardian May 5 12

Characteristics increasing the mating success of men are likely to evolve faster than those increasing the mating success of women. Independent April 2012

The troupe’s entire social structure revolves around a complicated system of posturing and teeth-baring… She is simply the lowest of the low, and is being told this in no uncertain terms. Richard Hammond on macaque monkeys, I

…the dreamily stoned solipsism, caressingly voiced condescension and utterly scatter-brained sense of entitlement… the way dreamers have to become authority figures in their turn. Review of Love, Love, Love, Independent May 10, 2012

“Couch and kitchen socialising has basically died out,” says Jonathan Gershuny, a sociologist at Oxford University. Quoted in the Economist May 2012  (People meet their friends outside the home instead, and it’s easier to arrange thanks to the internet. )

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