Thursday, 6 September 2012

Whatever Happened To...? 16

“lather, rinse, repeat”

80s art (it faded)

abstinence-only sex ed (It failed.)

aniseed balls (in long tubes from Woolworths)

Big Society

breakfast cups


career girls

collar studs

desk sets

divans and divan beds

ecstasy (Not the drug - just a state of bliss. We had to make our own fun in the 70s.)

writers Frank Yerby, Howard Spring, Frances Parkinson Keyes, RF Delderfield, William Carlos Williams

ley lines (At least they got people out of the house searching for the past that was being obliterated in the 70s.)

licking stamps

lorgnettes (and pince-nez)

parades with floats


playing records backwards to hear messages telling you to worship Satan

poltergeists (infrared cameras)

recipes called “something shape”

sock suspenders

the conga (it was a kind of dance, me lud)

the new man

thermos flasks

Things to Make and Do (“the sheer tedium of making a paper tree” – Steerforth, The Age of Uncertainty)

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