Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Whatever Happened To...? 17

Uncut moquette

balloon folding
Bronco and Izal loo paper (they lingered for years)

catastrophe theory
cheese and wine parties

coathanger covers (crochet or ruched satin ribbon with a rose) If they did anything, how is it we can live without them? Actually, they may have stopped your clothes falling off the coathanger in which case they should be revived.

grimy buildings (They all got cleaned – imagine that!)

hair extensions that were sewn or glued to the hair

joints of beef/lamb (and the meat plates, cloches and carving knives that went with them)

office memos

paintings on black velvet
pale green onyx
pin art (you can get a set on Amazon)

salmon pink (paint, cars, cakes)

shoe bags and handkerchief sachets (tissues have replaced hankies, and we put shoes in plastic bags – but shoe bags might be worth reviving. And you can get them on Amazon.)

static cling (caused by an outfit with layers made entirely of nylon, orlon, acrilan etc. When you removed the layers, static electricity stuck them together, and if you undressed in the dark you shot out sparks.)

stretchy furniture covers (in mock uncut moquette)

teatowels with “teatowel lore” (eg the “old Cornish prayer” about ghaisties and ghoulies and things that go bump in the night)

uncut moquette (velvety material used on furniture)

wintergreen lozenges

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