Tuesday 12 February 2013

Verbing, Part 3

Verbing – it's not all bad. (But why does everybody say A&E while whingeing about "train station"?)

authoring, critiquing and funding
were all hated by writer Kingsley Amis

concepting: The people for whom “concepting” is a constant state of mind. (Guardian, Dec 2012)

contact: Contacting caused conniption fits in the 30s.

empty chairing: Clint Eastwood “empty chairs” Obama at RNC (New Statesman, Aug 31 12)

favouriting: what you do to Youtube videos, Flickr photos etc

friending: on Facebook

gifting: According to @Grammargirl, "gifting" took off after a 1995 Seinfeld episode featured "regifter".

guilting: People were guilted into using cloth nappies. (Man on BBC breakfast Sept 2012)


It would totally ice it. (Think it means "would put the icing on the cake".)

impacting: from 1601, says the Oxford English Dictionary

japanning: It’s from the 17th century, according to actor Samuel West. Dictionary says it means “apply black lacquer to create a glossy finish”.


motoring, voicing:
Writer HP Lovecraft didn’t like “motor to Boston” or “voice a protest”.




"those 10 days shopping/theatring/touristing in NYC are some of the carrots helping her stay positive" (yahoo.com)

skirting: weather system “skirts up from the Atlantic” (Sept 2012 weather girl)


One of many verbed nouns in Shakespeare. (“Shall his condescension, therefore, unking him?”)

hate: the three-minute hate
ask: It was a big ask!
think tank (Why not thought tank?)

fool as an adjective: some fool idea
That was genius!

More verbing here and yet more verbing here.

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