Saturday 4 January 2014

Twitter Haiku 6

Rain taps secret messages on my window
whilst I roll tightly into warm clouds
and drift back into slumber.
"Don't forget me" she taps.

She will remember your heart
when men are fairy tales
in storybooks written by rabbits.
(Internet sig)

My gods are older than yours
and have more tentacles.
(Internet sig)

Let God envelop you
like the winter fog.
Rest awhile.

The sun went down in Barrow in mid November.
It will rise again in mid January.
I am headed towards Anchorage.

Those coiffured, polo-necked
belle-époque grandes dames
you see sat alone on the train.

True sadness is not romantic.
It is a stab in the dark
with a rusty pair of scissors.
(Bek Hobbes/‏@Greebobek)

Attendre le bus
sur le plateau de Saclay,
une autre idée
de l'infini.
(Marie-Lan Taÿ Pamart)

A fire round the ocean;
the sun flaring into the night;
glaciers fluorescing.
(13th century explanations for the Northern Lights from Sumit Paul-Choudhary)

The trains are howling today.
Exultant on the rainy tracks.
Perhaps they're singing.
(Paul Western-Pittard ‏@Cerullean)

There's a soft rain about today.
Grey and blue like a calm blanket.
The world seems to be whispering.
(Paul Western-Pittard ‏@Cerullean)

The PinkCloud is rolling in, damp and strange.
It makes things clearer but pushes them very, very far away.
I'm a radar touching misty distances.
(Adam Nathaniel Furman)

Ich liebe Zugfahren im Regen.
Wo fährst du hin, viel spass?
(Regine Wosnitza and Angelika Schau)

Does anyone know what the rooms
behind the perforate brick are?
And do they get light
from within the plan?

Now Hanworth Park House
sits abandoned & rotting,
the trees completely surrounding it
and completely overgrown.

Is a bronze lion a type of lion?
Where is a rainbow?
Does the future exist?
Is the Queen the owner of your bedroom?
Does an inscription too worn to be read consist of words?
(Roger Keeling)

A light mist on the horizon
blurs the division
between heaven and earth.
(Suzanne Hardy ‏@glittrgirl)

After the rain,
eucalyptus in neighbours’ gardens
smells like the Blue Mountains.
(Karen Wilde ‏@wildelycreative)

A massive, hot star
burns fast
and a low mass, cool star
burns slow.
(Uni of Oregon)

This bell was broken in 1941;
Its fragments are in Zvenigorod.

Pink jeans, baby voice:
Two things I find sinister
On a grown woman

Peterborough train station.
At the Pumpkin Café
a man plays the Deal Or No Deal fruit machine.
"Live the dream!" the machine says...
(Kit Lovelace ‏@mylifeyourhands)

To an Atheist
You are an indoctrinated minion,
void of logic,
slave to a myth.

Oh. Is this how it begins?
A little irregularity.
A small shadow.
A tiny lump.
And then all that follows,
the quadruple bypass
or the collapse on the escalator
at Warren Street?
(David Aaronovitch)

Once again
the person behind me at Tesco
stands up the fallen divider.

Once again in awe
of the cosmic light trick
that takes place on August 31.
The sunlight is suddenly watery.
(Hamish Thompson ‏@Suburbman)

The Spotify Playlist
Think of it as a hand written C90
pressed into your hand,
a grainy picture of a bedsit window
pasted to the cover.

I went to IKEA for blinds,
bathroom rugs and office chairs,
and came back with plant pots,
chopping boards and clothes pegs.
(Ben Mægenmund ‏@BennyBrick)

I did not steal my plums
from the icebox. They were mine,
and they were room temperature.
(John Scalzi ‏@scalzi)

This is just to say,
I have thrown out the crossword
in Saturday’s Guardian Review.
I need to look in the dustbin,
But it’s dark.

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  1. Em: go online and you can print out the Guardian Crossword, it's really easy and convenient. (And if you really really mess it up with wrong answers you can just print it out again.)