Monday 27 January 2014

Art Shows in London and Kendal

Abbot Hall Art Gallery
to March 29
Patrick Caulfield
Patrick Caulfield used bright colours and thick black outlines to depict the interiors of 60s restaurants complete with bowls of fruit, murals and wood-effect wallpaper.

The Nunnery at Bow Arts
183 Bow Rd, London E3 2SJ
8 May for eight weeks

The East London Group

Realistic painters of East London who flourished between the wars and should be better known - from Elwin Hawthorne to Walter J. Steggles.

Photographers Gallery

to March 30
Photographs by writer William Burroughs (beat poets, chicken-wire), painter Andy Warhol (gay pride march, Jerry Hall) and film-maker David Lynch (industrial decay).

Natural History Museum
Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story
13 February - 28 September 2014
Weapons and tools made by Britain's earliest inhabitants, and reconstructions of what our distant relatives looked like.
And 23 May-7 Sept there's Mammoths: Ice Age Giants
All about the furry elephants who roamed Siberia and North America, co-existed with Homo sapiens and held out on Arctic Wrangel Island until 4,000 years ago.

Tate Britain
Ruin Lust
4 March – 18 May 2014
British artists' love of ruins, from Turner to Tacita Dean. Gothic ruins were fashionable in the 18th century, John Martin painted antique cities destroyed by volcanoes or the wrath of God, Graham Sutherland recorded the aftermath of the blitz, and Louise Wilson makes the Germans' monumental concrete sea defences look like the remains of Nimrud.

Tate Modern
Richard Hamilton
13 Feb to 26 May
The work of the Pop Artist who asked "Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?"

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  1. I love Patrick Caulfield - I remember seeing an exhibition of his work when I was a teenager and just being so relieved that it made sense to me.