Wednesday 29 April 2015

Inspirational Quotes 74

Looks don't matter, just be yourself, be sincere, dream big, blah blah blah.

Still in his teens, he had cultivated a gentlemanly accent and manners which, coupled with his natural good looks, he used to defraud young women by offering them bogus jobs. ( on conman Netley Lucas.)

By the time most of us are adult, we’ve learned to mask our true feelings — at least as they show up in our face – because we have to get along at work, at home, and in social settings.  So we pretend to be interested, we pretend to smile, we assume a bland expression when we’re actually peeved, and so on. ( gives good advice.)

Another factor is that you do get a lot of attention, and it can make you very self-conscious. It can make dating difficult (there comes a point when tall is just too tall) and can make people treat you differently in a way that is not always good. (Internet commenter)

Tall people are more likely to be paid better, nominated to be CEOs, to hold elected office, and are rated as more trustworthy and attractive in surveys. (From the same message board. But I think she means tall MEN.)

Social norms will always be more powerful than laws. (Guardian on Stonewall Nov 2014)

It’s not up to her. Ike and Tina Turner’s relationship has nothing to do with Tina Turner. Nothing. Stop blaming victims. Address the perps. (Chris Rock)

The barbed wire loo seat was a bit of crazy experimentation...some crazy ideas work...others don't...if you don't try you don't succeed. (@MrGeorgeClarke)

Lego’s marketing people are brilliant. They know what children want. Not inspiration. Not educational play. They want what they’ve seen on the telly. Emmet from the Lego Movie, or the Golden Ninja, or Lego Hulk. (Jemima Lewis, DT Nov 2014)

Read the Gospels honestly you'll find repeated threats of Hell combined with idealism no one could possibly follow but no realistic messages. (Noel McGivern ‏@Good_Beard)

New Law To Forgive Student Debt For College Graduates Once All Their Dreams Shattered (Onion)

Deep down, life’s lessons have to be learned independently. That’s another major middle-class belief. You have to be self-reliant and can’t depend too much on other people. Life is an individual quest and not always something that’s easy to share. (Middle Class Handbook website on Xmas ads)

The “just don’t play it” mantra is nonsense, sexist depictions of women in games are not just harmful to women, they’re also harmful to men. (@femfreq Feminist Frequency)

She was a mean little girl in a sweet old woman’s body; she spoke about people behind their backs in ghastly ways, sometimes loudly just seconds after they’d left the room. She spoke in a permanent whine, sometimes practically in baby talk. (Meghan Daum on her toxic grandmother)

According to Tom Robinson's song from 1978...
(Voice from The Other Side:) "Today, institutions fundamental to the British system of Government are under attack: the public schools, the House of Lords, the Church of England, the holy institution of Marriage, even our magnificent police force are no longer safe from those who would undermine our society and it's about time we said 'enough is enough' and saw a return to the traditional British values of discipline, obedience, morality and freedom.

What we want is:

Freedom from the reds and the blacks and the criminals
Prostitutes, pansies and punks
Football hooligans, juvenile delinquents
Lesbians and left-wing scum
Freedom from the n*****s and the P*k*s and the unions
Freedom from the Gypsies and the Jews
Freedom from leftwing layabouts and liberals
Freedom from the likes of you..."

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