Sunday 21 August 2016

Neologisms 15

Marni Nixon, voice ghostess

vegetarian wolves
(Tory wets)
(French for nauseating)
the hot sheet trade
(rooms by the hour)
connerie intergalactique (Valery Levacher)
Midwinter Murders (succinct review of Trapped)
grant-application language
(Blair Worden)

There’s no-one else in the same post-code.
(Mo Farah is ahead of the field. BBC Breakfast’s Christian)

I’m within a fish scale of getting my diploma. (The Avengers)

deputy-headmaster-unpleasant (@johnb78)

Ingenious "Well SOME of our sandwiches DON'T have wasps in" customer service strategy. (@webofevil)

Marni Nixon, Hollywood voice “ghostess”. (Daily Telegraph obituary)

Found: evidence that cat-sized "rat-kangaroos" once hopped the Earth. (@atlasobscura)

I Can't Believe It's Not Politics! #MoreUnited (Douglas Murphy ‏@entschwindet More United is a middle-of-the-road grouping for “people who don’t want to join a political party”. Like the people who want to leave the EU while staying in the EU, and get a civil partnership but not get married.)

seasick key change (writer John Grindrod on Wagner)

This is the kind of cabinet that makes a loss on Bargain Hunt. (John Grindrod ‏on politics)

Fisher-Price social comment (Hugo Rifkind TV review)

A man who has the vivacity of a cupboard. (@TalkingDogGenre)

Was this filmed on a banana? (Comment on a shaky, blurred video of hippos rescuing a zebra from alligators)

heritagisation (Buildings 20, 30, 40 years old may get bulldozed as old-fashioned, but make it to 50 and suddenly you’re “heritage”. Do they never think “This 40-year-old building will be 50 years old one day”?)

increasingly formulaic Stock-zak (RI on Tangerine Dream)

The seeds were sown around 1500AD, when the population started going up. It wasn't until 1800AD when it really took off, and by 1850AD things were getting worrying. Then through the 20th century the graph pulls back on the stick, lights the afterburners, and goes near vertical. (GC)

utterly despicable nutrib*ll*cks
Earnest egos storming down side streets getting nowhere. (amazon review)

Uri Caine’s Wagner is “the mince of the Valkyries”. (writer-in to Radio 3)

I enjoyed those, despite the breathless doting of the narrator. (Michael Sims on Baroness Orczy’s Lady Molly of Scotland Yard stories)

Back to rain/socks/blandness. (@lucyfishwife, home from holiday)

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