Saturday 20 May 2017

Malaprops and Portmanteaus 7

Embodied in jello
70s cuisine – embodied in jelly! (embedded)
He had a prissy fit.
I tend to not really follow the general status qua.

Asked the boys how their first day back at school went — everything was fine except one said one teacher had a really "monogamous" voice. (JG)

In church doing carol concert yesterday. Lots of blue smoke. Elderly woman says "I quite like incest but there's too much of it here." True! (@Tony_Robinson)

bridgilantes (In favour of the doomed Garden Bridge.)
cathedracentric (Jonathan Foyle)
If ever I catch myself mansplaining, I make sure I immediately chapologise. (@richardosman)


That’s not news, that’s opinews!
Yup, chairdrobe, floordrobe, bannisterdrobe, bookcasedrobe, doordrobe ... we've got them all! (FT)

torterious for torturous
indiciferable jibberish
canaine mandabil for canine mandible.
rouge wave for rogue wave
manulipidation: manipulation
Audio typing: Bali for barley, Landseer for Lancia and “if so fatso” for ipso facto.
ridiculous humunculous wide trousers (humongous/homunculus)
You are a patronising pompost! (Pompous plus compost with a hint of bombast?)

I need more wine or more fiends or both. (via FB)

More here, and links to the rest.

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