Saturday 20 May 2017

Neologisms 17

Miranda Hart
wallpaper façade (brick panels)
Right-whingers (@Bobbi_Betamax)
On the medieval wing of the Tory party (Spectator)
Left-Pondian (for American)
goose-chasing (leg-work)
lackwit (It's safer.)

You create dark corridors. (Alex Hanscombe on police unaccountability)

We’ve got this perverse situation in which the vast analytic powers of the entire world are being spent trying to understand a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar. (NY Times on Trump)

vain and creepy nutters (who claim to be empaths) (via FB)

And yes, Southwold even had its own witch, but when I first encountered her it seemed that she had left only the faintest footprints in the occult sand. (Geoffrey Munn. Read about her here.)

Do feel free to curse the railway if you need the target practice. (LW)

Undergraduate flannel (for wordy, plonking, generalised political correctness)
Lowbrow Uni (for Loughborough University)

The hoary stylistic advice to avoid passive voice is bunk, uttered by people who can't tell a passive from a petunia. (@OliverKamm)

#Miranda. Occasionally very funny but mostly, what I call, excruciating. (Some Bloke in a Hat‏ @toolegs)

Decades of demented tripe (Daily Mash on the Daily Mail)

We have been instructed to celebrate Ivanka’s vanilla-bean bromides about workplace equality. (

That joke is so old everybody in the entire world has heard it, including lost tribes in the Amazon Rainforest! (AJB)

Menus the height of Richard Osman are brought. (Jay Rayner Guardian)

The accompany wall-text burbles will assure you that the artists were exploring “gender variant identities”, “transgressive desire”, “forms of gender expression”, “processes of deconstruction” and all the cobblers you would expect from the university of Pseudshire. (Robbie Millen)

A  tiny clique of ultra-conservative frilly old diehards in the [Roman Catholic] church – diehards that have missed the train in every conceivable respect. (Erich Lobkowicz)

Food fashion is a window into the mass delusions of dimwits that never ceases to amaze me. (Giles Coren)

I can't get through all of it, partly due to the weapons-grade pomposity, but also because it's incoherent to me. (LW)

whitesplaining (No, that’s not racism, and that’s not racism, and that’s not racism, and if you go on like this soon people will claim to be offended about absolutely anything.)

What I want to know is how much of my license fee it cost to bring Jacob Rees-Mogg to Question Time from the 17th century. (Alex Andreou‏ @sturdyAlex)

Calatrava’s sculptures “look like they were purchased at a high end Swedish furniture shop.” (VD)

The academic equivalent of a Vulcan death grip. (KL)

I do not have an inner child, but I do apparently have an inner colonel who lives in Tunbridge Wells. (LW)

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