Monday 23 March 2020

Irregular Verbs

Bernard Woolley in Yes Minister was fond of them: It’s one of those irregular verbs, isn’t it? I have an independent mind. You are eccentric. He is round the twist.

I am assertive, you are brusque, he is rude.
I am dominant, you are dominating, she is domineering.
I am determined, you are aggressive, he is bloody-minded.

I am indomitable, you are formidable, he is stubborn.
I am introspective, you are self-absorbed, he is an egomaniac.
I am firm, you are stubborn, he is pigheaded.

I am allusive, you are elliptical, he is unclear.
I am confident, you are forward, he is brash.
I am proactive, you are assertive, he is pushy.

I vent justified opinions, you backbite, she’s a terrible gossip.
I am thorough, you are verbose, he is a bore.
I am clear, you are firm, she is strident.

I am eloquent, you are glib, he soft-soaps.
I argue, you proselytise, he touts for converts.
I practise self-care, you are self-centred, they are pathologically selfish.

I am emotional, you are sensitive, he is sentimental.
I have legitimate concerns, you complain, she is always wailing about something.
I have concerns, you have worries, he has obsessions.

I have opinions, you are opinionated, he is prejudiced.
My design is an hommage, yours is derivative, his is pastiche.
I am influenced by, you take elements from, they plagiarise.
I have opinions, you are easily influenced, he has been brainwashed.

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