Monday 22 February 2021

Euphemisms: Arguments II

Have you ever wondered what people really mean? The expanded and updated Boo and Hooray may have the answer.

defender of opposing view
biased in the wrong direction (usually to the Left)
fourth-form debating society:
using logic
I’m being harassed by a troll!
They disagreed with me.
I’m bored now.

I’m just trying to start a debate:
I want to make some unacceptably bigoted remarks upfront. I can plausibly deny them later.

I’m not being listened to:
You’re not agreeing with me. (“The other side needs to listen” means “The other side needs to shut up while we indoctrinate them”.)

I’m sure:
I think.

The fact is, the truth is…:
The received wisdom unsupported by evidence is…

There’s a fine line between X and Y:
I want to use the hooray word, not the boo word, or else I want to pretend bullying is “just banter”. (Or “X and Y are totally opposed and cancel each other out”. Or even “X and Y are light-years apart.”)

There’s no justice in this world! Things didn’t quite go my way.

They’re taking away my freedom of speech: They’re disagreeing with me. (And telling me I can’t make racist and sexist comments. There’s no law against it! Except there is – in the UK.)

They’re bad at communication: They don’t listen. They don’t understand what they hear.

We were discriminated against and treated unfairly: We lost the vote.

Many more euphemisms for disagreement here.

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