Thursday 13 May 2021

Contradictions 9 (In Quotes)

I'm not a snob
Ask anybody. Well, anybody who matters. (Simon Le Bon)

1. Vaccine passports are an unacceptable infringement of civil liberties.
2. National ID cards are an unacceptable infringement of civil liberties.
3. Voters must have photo ID.
Weird how the same people seem to hold all three views, isn't it?

I especially love it when [those with “controversial” ideas] get protested on college campuses and then try to say, "Universities are for the free expression of ideas, specifically mine and not these dumb kids who should quietly sit and listen to their betters." (@sotsogm)

Jews are stereotyped, by the racists, in all the same ways that other minorities are – as lying, thieving, dirty, vile, stinking – but also as moneyed, privileged, powerful and secretly in control of the world. Jews are somehow both sub-human and humanity’s secret masters. (David Baddiel, Times Literary Supplement) It’s wrong to be overtly Jewish, but it’s also wrong to try and hide your ancestry. Also: Jewish people should a) go back to Israel b) Get out of Israel.

Well lads, @JewishLabour is both an anti-Israel, ultra-left organsisation that gas-lights Jews, and an Israel proxy dedicated to kicking out socialists from the Labour Party. (@davesgould)

Schrödinger's racism is middle-class white men simultaneously denying its existence while claiming to experience it. (@AGlasgowGirl)

Well, there seems to be a 50:50 ratio today between messages telling me racism is my imagination and those telling me I should be deported to ‘back to China’. It would be almost logical if so many weren’t from the same users. (James Wong @Botanygeek)

If the rich love a trickle-down economy why do they hate the idea of their money trickled out to the lower classes? (@Jugbo)

I was struck by the gap between the rhetoric of our trainers — constantly stating that the teacher should be creative and never apply prescribed formulas — and the training that taught us decades-old methods that had not changed since the founding of the first Waldorf school in 1919. (Grégoire Perra)

[Therapy] teaches you to be self-obsessed while at the same time condemning you for it. It tells you to be aware of yourself while at the same time telling you to stop thinking so much.
(Liza Long)

You can’t close job centres and make universal credit an online-only platform, then proceed to moan when poor mums spend money on a smartphone. (@samduff23_)

Being a woman in tech is so confusing. The messaging is like "We need more of you, but also why are you here?"

Universities love to have Latin mottos and then close their Classics departments. (@ryanaboyd)

I had years of leftwing university teachers instilling in me a critical mistrust of authority, capitalism and the profit motive. In later life I learned they had all inherited and acquired by purchase a multiplicity of houses and flats which they rented out at high prices. (

Why chip us with a vaccine to track us? We’re all willingly walking around with GPS devices. (via Facebook)

Promiscuity, while it might be pushed in the larger culture, is still not embraced in practicality. My "socially progressive" family blackballed women who were single and/or who separated from their husbands. (@getadumpsterthx)

It seems very telling that on the one hand people say "we live in an equal society where anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and succeed" whilst also assuming anyone who sounds smart must have had a privileged middle-class education. (@gulliwog)

January 2020: If you made your own sandwiches you would be able to buy a house.
August: Stop making your own sandwiches, you're crashing the economy!

Universities are Marxist indoctrination camps, says Douglas Murray, “But somehow the universities still manage to churn out the bankers, the accountants, the management consultants, the engineers, the scientists, the salespeople...” (@ThraleRichard)

“We need to fight obesity” says Tory Party that sold off the playing fields and closed the youth clubs and forced councils to shut sports centres and swimming pools and made it so that millions can never afford healthy food. (@davidschneide)

Brexiteers ask Scots “Do you realise how hard it will be to unpick the Union?”

Tory MP Damian Green just tried to claim that building a Brexit customs centre in his constituency is "unfair" to local residents, even though they voted to leave the EU. (@CourtneyWilding)

Why are Brexity people so against lockdown, which they say is an infringement of their freedom - also, keen to restrict our freedom to move between EU countries? (@flipettydish)

A succession of Tory MPs have lined up recently to tell us how fortunate Northern Ireland is because it enjoys both access to the UK market and access to the EU market. The same Tory MPs have been making the case for five years that it's brilliant to cut the UK off from the EU market. (@uk_domain_names)

How come when fish cross an imaginary line they become OUR fish, but when people do the same they don't become OUR people? (@BlackRyu82)

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