Saturday 22 May 2021

Euphemisms about Racism and Politics in Quotes

Naga Munchetty

Just in case anyone hadn't clocked that "metropolitan elite" just means "non-Tory voters". (@GarethDennis. Guardian hed reads: BBC warned against pandering to Manchester’s “metropolitan elite”.)

No we don't want to elect moderates. "Moderate" is code for "capitulate to evil". (@CarlaSchroder)

Management held “info meetings” for all ancillary staff (ie, anti-union propaganda). (

Reliable rule: "moral victory" always translates as "galling defeat". (@DavidBennun)

I often wonder what some politicians mean when they say “we need to balance the needs of all road users”, usually after vetoing cycling schemes. (@adamtranter)

In a discussion of men’s lockdown hair: What definition of "long" are we using here? Is this the same usage of words as "Tories aren't giving handouts to their friends" and "the sun is black" type of definition? (AC)

Talk in Whitehall that the UK govt is planning a “reorganisation” of Civil servants in the Northern Ireland Office as too many are perceived as too “neutralist”. (@nicktolhurst)
Uh oh. "Too neutral", how is that even possible? Sounds like obvious doublespeak for "not extremist enough, for our extreme policy". (@2ears2wheels)
Robert Jenrick says “retain and explain” policy will save monuments from “baying mobs” backed by “town hall worthies and woke militants”. (Boo!)


Naga Munchetty – I really wish they would axe her. She is so false. She hasn’t got a nice or watchable bone in her body. She is so annoying I have to switch off @BBCBreakfast. (Sovereign Brexit & UK Unity @brexitisus. Translation: She’s black. And if you wondered what Brexit was all about this may give you a clue.)

Latest guidelines for school (Sept 2020) forbid the following: promoting divisive or victim narratives that are harmful to British society.

It’s not racist to say victim mentality helps no one...
(Thanks, @TRAPTOFFICIAL, now we know what that means.)

When the media starts talking about urban and rural, they are using keywords for black/minority and white. (@_Yellow_Kid_)

I wonder if all the people in my timeline saying: ‘We live in a democracy. If you don’t like it then leave!’ realise that’s not exactly how democracies work. What they are expressing support for is totalitarianism. (James Wong)

We should be proud of our history and our country, above all proud to be British. People that don't like our country, our religion, our ways should leave. (@Bluelad67672753)

Rich white people use ethnic as a synonym for poor non Anglo-Saxon people.
(@loose_shorts. On the question, discussed by the BBC, of whether Jews – an ethnic group which is in the minority in the UK – count as an ethnic minority. Rich white people use “minority” in the same way.)

"Healing" is also the language of white supremacy. This country doesn't need to heal. It needs to change. (@alwaystheself)
"Healing" is code for "stop raising a fuss and be quiet now". (@walruslifestyle)

One slide in her training session sent to Coca-Cola employees outlined that "to be less white" is to be less "arrogant", "certain" and "defensive". (Independent)

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