Thursday 20 August 2009

I Say, Old Bean!

Are your catch phrases a blast from the past? When did people stop saying...

Any joy? Any more for any more?

as thick as two short planks, aware, away with the fairies, between the devil and the deep blue sea

bubbling under, bumping along the bottom, butterflies in the stomach

airhead, boo-boo, chivvy, clapped out, clobber, controversial, crucial, dishy, ditsy, doobry, effectively, escalate

deconstruct, deeply meaningful, designer (stubble etc.), domino effect

Diddums! Do me a favour! Do what? E I addio, echt, ecky thump (Why did they?)

don’t strain yourself (when someone expresses slightly forced excitement, or faint praise; or offers help too late and without enthusiasm)

doom and gloom (in the 70s meant strikes and oil crisis)

fashion plate, feelgood factor, fickle, fringe medicine

for some unknown reason, for your information

glam for glamorous, go spare for go mad, gogglebox for TV

Great minds think alike. Great stuff!

grit your teeth (probably around 1890)

Half a jiff! Hard cheese! Having fun?

heart-stopping, het up, humungous

Holy mackerel! I could murder some chips. I don’t go a bundle on that. I must have been out of my tiny mind.

I’ll drink to that. I’m only here for the beer.

ideologically sound/unsound

in a very real sense, in cahoots, in this day and age

It drives me up the wall. It won’t get you arrested. It’s all gone horribly wrong.

It’s no joke. It’s the way to go. It'll be all right on the night.

jamboree, jammy bastard

less of it

Little things please little minds.

main claim to fame, male chauvinist pig

logjam, lover-boy, luncheon, manky, mass media, meaningful relationship, mega

mind games, mind-bending, motto

No offence meant - and none taken I hope. No shit, Sherlock.

Not one whit! Not to worry! Now you tell me. Oh, what?

on Cloud Nine, oojamaflip, off-hand

pillock, prat, put the mockers on, quick as a flash!

rant and rave, rave from the grave, rebarbative, right on, rustle up

same difference, same to you with knobs on, screaming blue murder

She's got the brains of a prawn.

short, sharp shock, slimeball, snazzy, suss out

spend a penny, square-eyed (for people who watched too much telly)

Stroll on! Suit yourself! So you say.

Temper, temper! That would be you. There you go.

the appropriately named... the likes of...

throw a wobbly/wobbler, to a T

understatement of the year, unreconstructed

wannabe, WC, value judgement, yonks, zilch

What am I like? What was that supposed to be? What’s that when it’s at home? Very droll! What’s the damage?

when push comes to shove, when you get down to brass tacks

Who’d have thunk it? Yah boo! Yer wot?

wierdie beardie, wild and woolly, women’s libber

You go, girl! You look like a dying duck in a thunderstorm. You’ve got another think coming. You’ve said a mouthful.

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