Monday 7 September 2009

14 Hair Gadgets with Silly Names

They're for bumping your hair up, geddit? Or rather, they're "hair volumizing inserts". Or is that "volumnizing"? Read all about it at Flat hair is so last year!

The Whirlastyle guarantees the perfect ballet bun.
It's as aesthetically pleasing as the Bumpit. See They also sell the Poppi and the Klicinz.

"Anything new can be accomplished by believing in your own magic" says the sales material. So you don't need a Hairdini for that perfect updo? It's all at where you can learn about the Clipdini, Beadini, Illusion Beadini, Poofdini, Teeni Hairdini and Pickdini.

Beautiful ponytailers decorated with crystal insects at Ebuni.

And if those aren't enough for you, there's always the Hairagami and Sophist O Twist. Or you can contemplate the many patented (but possibly not manufactured) ponytail and bun devices at And if you want a chignon base, they even have them at:

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