Thursday, 25 March 2010

Pimp My Panda

Sure you know what craven means? Would you recognise a gilded youth? Some words are commonly misused:

A pander is a pimp. Pandarus, in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, follows this profession. If you "pander to someone's every whim" (as the cliché originally went), you fulfil all their desires. If you pamper the person, you spoil them rotten. But you have to pander to something – you can't just pander.

I found Wall Street to be just as axiomatic and pandering as the majority of Stone's output with its thin caricatures, obvious sentiments, and a charisma-barren performance by the young Charlie Sheen. Ron Small, Web review of Boiler Room What was he trying to say? Axiomatic means "taken as a given".

Like Doris Day’s manager-husband, Marty Melcher, who took a sultry jazz singer and reduced her to pandering infantilism, compelling her to sing only ‘bouncy tunes’. NYRB September 03 Is this shorthand for “pandering to popular taste”?

We have universally rejected the abject laziness of the filmmaker, the profoundly insulting pandering that goes with reliance on this device. IMDB Pandering to the low intelligence of film-goers?

All this has nothing to do with the cuddly white bears with black spectacles. Avoid "panda to your sensibilities".

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