Saturday 20 March 2010

Buzz words of 2010

Come in Mr Bond - just let me put the cat down

The story so far...


mulligan as a verb? Any relation to Jones? or McGyver? (Seems to have disappeared by May.)

dances the happy dance” and variants

people are “getting it” week of Feb 1 (Ricky Gervais says the Americans “get” him. They can keep him.)


broken: group CORE (which tries to “cure” homosexuality) talks of people “struggling with sexual brokenness”)

train wreck

Charles Gray stroking white cat gesture suddenly very popular.

lots of people having “spats” week of March 1 (a word they’d never use in real life)

carnage is very popular this year (don't use it to mean melée, confusion or humiliating defeat – it means mass slaughter)

hubs and spokes are popular with the public sector (we're getting a "spoke" in my road – it's what we used to call a youth club)

ganache Suddenly people are saying ganache as if they knew what it meant. How do they do that? Apparently it’s “A rich icing made of chocolate and cream heated and stirred together, used also as a filling, as for cakes or pastry. Ditto gribiche, which according to the Free Dictionary: “Se dit d'une sauce vinaigrette additionnée de jaunes d'œufs durs et d'herbes hachées.” That’s a vinaigrette with chopped or mashed yolk of a boiled egg and chopped herbs. (There's also a kind of pudding called a panache.)

sanitise was popular in the week of April 4

upset Lots of them in the week of April 14, in the sense of “sudden and unexpected reversal of fortune”, the unfavoured party or tiny football club wins ect. I think it's a new American meaning – "upset" used to mean just turned or knocked over.

Not so much is everywhere the week of May 11.

End of!

a big ask

chaos is being used to mean disrupted airline schedules, flight bans due to volcanic ash, stranded travellers, airlines losing millions etc.

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