Thursday 6 May 2010

101 Implausible Outdoor Sports

It's good for young people to get out into the countryside and use up energy in the open air, so we have to keep inventing new ways for them to do it. Bog snorkelling? So last year.

Why not have a go? The rules are few, but quite restrictive.

Your new activity may involve equipment, and this can be showy but not too bulky or expensive. Ditto special clothes – keep them affordable and try to avoid bling, fashion or a sense of style. Your sport can't involve fighting, dancing or any kind of competition. You must choose between EITHER pain, cold, effort and exhaustion, OR sheer, naked terror.

I'll make it simpler for you. Combine any three of the following:

para riding mud motor hopping kite diving husky swimming gliding spelunking Norwegian motor lake walking surfing driving swim carthorse pole sand running extreme ball wild hiking wolves bog walking river lake roof ice free skiing pole kiting yachting cycling mountain climbing barefoot naked rock subzero extreme free dune solo deep forest rope Antarctic

Here's what I've come up with:

naked mountain surfing
Antarctic roof skimming
wild carthorse diving
extreme mud gliding
wild motor skiing
sub-zero para walking
Norwegian husky riding
winter lake caving
motorised pole driving
free sand swimming
extreme mountain yachting
Swiss rope driving
naked kite cycling
free wolf running
deep river hiking
power-assisted lake walking
solo bog kiting
French roof skiing
free rock hopping
wild forest rolling
barefoot dune swinging
river ball striding
Dutch ice bouncing
three-legged cross-channel abseiling

Serious coverage at the BBC's Countryfile here. All good clean fun!
And more implausible sports here.

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