Sunday 30 May 2010

Whatever Happened To...? 4

arguing about how to pronounce “apartheid

basketwork shoes (coming back 2010)

Bonio dog biscuits

Brobat bleach

chastity trousers: rainproof trousers in horrible colours (French blue, terracotta, viridian) exclusively bought by women for men

coats in fur-effect material

coffee-flavoured food (mousse, ice cream, cake)

cuisine minceur


Gary Larsen the cartoonist (retired 1995, didn't want to get stale)

genetically modified food

Golden Delicious apples (gone, long gone)

grey eyeshadow

high cut swimsuits

lurex (It was an early 70s thing)

nouvelle cuisine (now ancienne)

patios (now terraces)

scalloped potatoes

shower gel (it was going to replace soap)

smoked trout

smoky bacon crisps

stick insects

tinned asparagus (in airline lunches)

wearing wool next to the skin

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  1. Have Golden Delicious apples really gone, or have they been renamed ? We must look out for likely candidates.

  2. There was a time when they were the only apples you could get. The 70s were grim!

  3. You can still get Golden Delicious. Actually they're not bad if allowed to ripen fully on the tree, something supermarket fruit has little chance of doing.

  4. I saw some stick insects in a house recently - I'm not sure if they're still legal. Perhaps they've gone underground.