Thursday, 25 November 2010

Punctuation Sometimes Your Better Off Without It

See para 3 particularly thats a magnolia above.

So boring tedious that i had to register with IMDb to warn others against wasting 3 hours and 8mins of theirs lives the film is about a bunch of spoilt Americans with shitty lives moaning about their lot.

a very shallow attempt to make a clever film tears moaning and foolish behaviour.

all of their problems are self inflicted and the film would have been good if they all died but that would have been a good ending so it didn't happen it rains frogs instead. (IMDB review of Magnolia)

This is clearly a film in which the viewer sees what he wants to see and it has been compared to a wide spectrum of earlier literature not least the Illiad so I'm probably not the first to suggest similarities with Conrad's Heart Of Darkness with John Wayne's Ethan Edwards being a variant of Kurtz. (imdb on The Searchers)

Hope's Stultitude a Cheerful Lay
At Least I Like it Anyway
Gellett Burgess

The dismal day with dreary pace hath dragged its tortuous
length along the gravestones black and funeral vase cast
horrid shadows long.

Oh let me die and never mourn upon the joys of long ago with
cankering thoughts the world's forlorn - a wilderness of woe!

For in the grave's dark bed to be though grim and dismal it
appears is sadder not it seems to me than harrowing nights of

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