Tuesday 7 December 2010

Kenneth Williams' Crepe Suzette Song

My Next song, is un chant d'amour, a song of lurve,
He loves her, and she loves him, but they cannot be marriéd. Because they are how you say, they are, husband and wife.

It's called, it's called, "Crepe Suzette" which is in English "A Flaming Hot Dish", and so is Suzette...

SUNG (to the tune of Auld Lang Syne):
Honi soit Qui Mal y Pense, Faites vos jeux, Reconnaissance
Hamersmith Palais de Dance, Badinage, My Crepe Suzette.
Double Entendre, Restaurante, Jacques Cousteau, Yves Saint Laurente
Ou est la plume de ma tante?, Cest la vie, ma Crepe Suzette

Corsage, Massage, Freres Jacques?
Salon, Par Avion, Petula Clarke.
Fiancee, Ensemble, Lorgnette, Lingerie, Eau de Toilette
Mmmm Gauloise Cigarette, Entourage, ma Crepe Suzette

Citron, Mirage, Carvela,
Hors d’oeuvre, BRUT and Chanel-e, Chaise longue, Sasha Distel-e
Fuselage, ma Crepe Suzette

Pince nez, Bidet, Commissionaire,
Mon repos, Brigitte Bardot, Jeux Sans Frontieres.
SPOKEN "It's a Knock out innit? Yeah, the French, not the song!"

Faux Pas, Grand Prix, Espionage,
Brie, Camembert, Fromages
Mayonnaise, All Night Garage
R.S.V.P. My Crepe Suzette

See it here. (Some New Zealanders do a ripoff.)


  1. And Australians: Greg Champion's 'The French Song' (sung to the tune of 'La Vie en Rose'): http://www.gregchampion.com.au/lyricslibrary/TheFrenchSong.html

    1. I wonder what Williams would have thought of such a blatant rip off of his idea?

  2. I expect he would have been vituperative!

    Publish it not in Gath! You'll never get a penny in royalties! (C) KW

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