Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jobs You Didn't Know Existed 2

Now in mini e-book form:

Beat Generation scholar "My favorite of the bunch is Regina Weinreich, who is identified as a 'Beat generation scholar'. While it’s no secret that the academic racketeers can turn just about anything into a “discipline,” Weinreich’s job description struck me as particularly delicious. Here is a woman who was canny enough to hitch her professional wagon to the Beat caravan more than 20 years ago."

canine behaviour adviser

converter of cupboards
under stairs into groovy secret rooms behind bookcases

costumed vigilante

Curator of Human Osteology

dealer in saint’s relics (and reliquaries) (or other arcane antiques)

deviser of fox-repellent technology

dog rehomer

edit, critique, rewrite, ghostwrite
people’s novels, clean up MSS for aspiring novel writers

Find out who left a trust fund and a Georgian townhouse/country mansion for the continuation of some batty little society (electoral reform, psychic research, Ouspenskyism) and apply for the job of managing director, librarian etc.

forensic podiatrist


leader of guided fossil hunts

lip-reader of news footage

maker of bondage suits and equipment

manager of Twitter and Facebook accounts for people who are too middle class to have their own. As part of the professional Twitter service, gain followers and follow yourself in different guises.

protest movement mole He decided to remain undercover in Nottingham, working for a private security firm paid to gather intelligence on protest movements for energy companies (Mark Kennedy/Stone)

race track designer

real-life game creator
Brock Enright creates "reality adventure games" for rich New Yorkers. Invented by GK Chesterton in The Club of Queer Trades.

run a game farm for animals to be used in wildlife documentaries

run cupcake workshops for children (cupcake art)

send scam emails in response to current fears (tax mix-up, insurance over-payment)

tractor rustler, turkey rustler

troll FB for targets to burgle

video game voice actor

wedding banquet scalpers
(like ticket touts, they buy up the slots in all the favourite venues at the favourite times, and then offer them for sale to desperate couples – at a premium) 

write “how to write books” books short story writer Richard Bausch describes meeting a couple who edited a struggling literary magazine and funded it by publishing a never-ending stream of how-to manuals for would-be writers.

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