Monday, 31 January 2011

More Euphemisms

Andy Irons was a “flamboyant and mercurial surfer who won three world titles and was regarded as the best of his generation. There was a classic malcontent, rebel-without-a-cause side to him and he admitted to "inner demons" and a self-destructive streak.” Independent 2010 (Drink, drugs.)
dark side = drinks heavily
off the rails wild child wild man of rock
Lots more alcoholic euphemisms in my ebook:
Boo and Hooray: Dysphemisms and Euphemisms

regeneration is the new "development". It doesn't mean restoration, it means knocking down nice stuff and building crap stuff, as usual.
Pathfinder = slum clearance (@HughPearman)
what we need in our streets = gentrification, obviously @owenhatherley commenting on the Stirling Prize for architecture

You have your nose “thinned”, never shortened.

Family Research Council, Focus on the Family US organisations against gay marriage Republican mouthpiece

Per Libby Purves: strong = thug, inventive = corrupt, idiosyncratic = unstable, charming = inadequate.

The antiquities market is incredibly strong at the moment. = antiquities are fetching high prices
a purchase made “on finance” = you borrow the money and have to pay interest
hard-working families = taxpayers
reform cuts
restructuring = restructuring funding

"... we live in a media environment which is one of the worst in the democratic world. The media observe policy differences and call it a split; they observe policy discussions and call it a row; they observe compromises and call it a betrayal; they observe trade-offs and call it broken promises; they observe a refusal to agree with consultation responses and call it ideological stubbornness; they observe changes as a result of consultation and call it a U-turn; and if they do not see any of these things they invent them." Lord Greaves, Jan 20 2011
modernisation of NHS = Privatisation of NHS. @sezohanim
polemical = left wing polemic
outspoken and controversial = liberal and inclusive (Daily Telegraph obit of the Rev Colin Slee 25 Nov 2010)

all people of good will - Catholic euphemism for non-Christians
Judeo-Christian moral views anti-gay marriage

crazy I looked Fred up on YouTube, and I was like, ‘Oh my God! He’s, er, crazy!’ ” Crazy, of course, is a euphemism for wildly annoying... Pixie Lott in the Times, Dec 2010
unusual I can recall several editors mentioning to me early on that wrongness was an “unusual” topic for a first book. A year or so into the project it finally dawned on me that by “unusual” they meant “insane”. Kathryn Schulze in G 27/11/10
I don't expect the sack, says Carlo Ancelotti, for which read, "I will be sacked soon." @franosch

challenging terrifying
concordant patient compliant patient
creative industry advertising
creatives people who work in advertising
difficult/strong character = bully
embayment (of Norfolk coast) flooding
emotive, emotional = emotions that lead people to do or think the wrong things.
establish clear boundaries = establish clear boundaries for acceptable behaviour, ie tell people they can’t go on being nasty to you
exercise poor judgement/make bad choices American for “go off the rails” – drink, take drugs, get pregnant at 14
forceful style, feisty abusive, angry outbursts
language swearing, obscenity (a film may be flagged “contains mild language”, ie mild swearing)
lash out meek, mild person loses it after putting up with years of bullying. They then become the problem.
learning differences learning difficulties
micromanage boss
other cultures right-wingers such as the CSU’s Horst Seehofer want to stop all immigration from “other cultures” – code for Turks and Arabs
regret cancel (There can be no substitutions for guests who regret.)
revisit for reconsider (we shall revisit that decision)
save the planet = save humanity
security firm bodyguards and spies
stand by (your husband) = put up with his infidelities
strong language swearing, obscenity
teem/teemed with = abounded in people we don’t wish to mix with
thick, heavy accent accent with associations we don't like (we neither approve or disapprove of a "strong" accent)
variety meats = offal (sweetbreads = testicles, pig’s fry = testicles)
views are becoming polarised = people are going to start being rude to each other if they haven't already
We landscaped the garden completely = we removed all the plants and trees and replaced them with paving, gravel, paths and steps
You're taking this much too seriously = You've taken what I said to its logical conclusion and made me look absurd/I am losing the argument.

More euphemisms here, and links to the rest.

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