Monday 4 April 2011

Neologisms 1

New new coinages added here.

(And more here, here, here and here):

"Getting In Touch With Your Feelings" is another quilted-sampler-type cliché that ends up masking something ghastly, deep and real, it turns out. It starts to turn out that the vapider the AA cliché, the sharper the canines of the real truth it covers. David Foster Wallace

Varieties of stews, which feather into curries. Nick Dunlavy

Brecht’s sledgehammer moralising Obs Apr 29 2007

the cold, hard glitter-glue of the Irish Sea. Caitlin Moran, Times April 2011

Over the years I've taught here, I've seen student numbers creep up, while the staffing has decreased. I can't take a day off sick. I pedal harder and harder, but there will be a time when the chain will break. Chelsea Art School tutor on progressive cuts, April 11, 2011

You might even tiptoe over £40,000. Graham Barton on Homes under the Hammer.

a dockside scheme, The Waterfront, promised to roll out the more depressing form of marina dromeage, only to be indefinitely shelved a year ago… @OwenHatherley on “dockside regeneration” in Barrow in Furness.

Blair hat
– winged or barrel roof on top of reclad, regenerated 60s tower block

of council estates @OwenHatherley

Free Jazz - like a bison with TB being fed slowly through a mangle. And not in a good way. @RupertGoodwins

glove-puppet candidates

God’s building site
Gryff Rhys Jones on the Cuilins

(opposite of skyscraper) @KieranLong Jan 2011

It’s a fascinating area, full of elephant traps. Roger Nuttall on racism and offensive language

It's all run together in my memory like a wet watercolour. Sasha Lubetkin

Millions of ordinary Joes flaked away (from the Saturday Evening Post). Robert Peston Guardian Jan 3 2011


that ghastly fraying mantis, Lara Flynn Boyle Guardian 2/3/11

The alliance between Suze and me didn’t turn out exactly to be a holiday in the woods,” Bob Dylan later conceded. “Eventually fate flagged it down... She took one turn in the road; I took another.”

the nosebleed section (of stadium seating – the highest you can get)

The wallpaper is distancing itself from this flat. Lucy Alexander on Homes under the Hammer

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