Thursday 28 April 2011

Whatever Happened To...? 8

Ashes of Roses (and other scents/cosmetics that survived from the 30s to the 60s and then vanished)

circular knitting needles (an 80s thing – harder to use than the regular kind)
Citroen 2Cvs

cropped tops and trousers

ergonomic computer keyboards
(in two pieces)
Ever Ready batteries

four-leaved clovers

goods trains

(especially those wool ones in big checks with fringed edges)
herby sausages (80s)
hire purchase
hitech interiors

inner tennis
(You worked on WHY you didn’t WANT to win. It was so effective that… it disappeared about 30 years ago.)

interactive Web art


knitting machines
(bought, used once, stored under beds)

leg paint

Lux soapflakes
(if it’s safe in water – it’s safe in Lux!)

miniature brass cannons on your mantelpiece

mink farms

non-competitive games

nuclear-free zones


shortie nighties

shove ha’penny (oh, what fun we had)
stable girls and kennel maids
(that you starched your clothes with – why?)
sundried tomatoes (everywhere in the 80s, now a faint, vanishing memory)

television hire companies

thongs (agony, whatever anybody said)
tomato puree/concentrate
(which you put in every single recipe in the 70s)
track lighting
trendy vicars

water beds

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