Thursday 23 June 2011

How to Be Rude

You can do a lot with an adjective:

A plodding and sometimes self-regarding technical dreariness blights several of the surrealists: Dalí, Ernst and the awful, slithery Yves Tanguy. Adrian Searle, Guardian on the Magritte show at Tate Liverpool.

I was up against chillingly bright people from a local College.

sepulchral (a half-demolished 70s shopping centre in Aylesbury)

bulbous Hepworth rubbish (in the new Wakefield gallery)

clip-on (“all those clip on bits of pop ornamentation” on postmodern architecture)

terrible, laboured, empty, bonkers, tedious, “pompous and clumsy and utterly miserable for no good reason”, eerily joyless, stupid, arrogant, insolent, lumbering, inane Jonathan Jones on a show by artist Mark Leckey, Guardian May 24, 2011 (I don't think he liked it.)

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