Friday, 29 July 2011

More Euphemisms

high jinks, emotional immaturity

Lots more alcoholic euphemisms in my ebook:
Boo and Hooray: Dysphemisms and Euphemisms

Classthe hustle and bustle of the city = common people we are forced to share the space with (the opposite is “tranquillity” = an absence of chavs. What you move to the country to find.)

You’re overqualified.
= You’re too posh.
We think you’ll be bored. = We think you’ll look down on us.

MilitaryDraw down troops = withdraw troops, retreat

= hard sell to kids and teens// sexualisation of children = sexuality-based commercialisation of growing youth. @polleetickle
hard (a hard economic valuation) = pitiless (see “hard decisions”)
realistically priced = cheap
industrialised nations = rich nations
woes = economic woes

The Patriotic Association
= the Catholic Church in China
InterArt Resources
= producer of sculptures “by” Dali

"There's no question at times in my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate." Newt Gingrich in an interview, 2011 = I had an affair with a colleague 23 years younger than me.

= having two wives at one time, mistresses, lovers, boyfriends etc
high jinks
female companionship = sex
louche, womaniser = exploiter, molester
meaningful relationship = no ring, no legal protection
midlife crisis = I thought I could have a wife, kids and a girlfriend – I was wrong.
ultimatum = Marry me or I’ll leave you.

chaos = 48 hours of disruption New ash cloud chaos for Australia: Australia's two major airports face up to 48 hours of disruption as the ash cloud from a Chilean volcano hits again. bbc online It's a bit like when an airport gets snowed in and nothing moves, so they call it chaos. Actually, it's order, just not the order people want if they are trying to get home. And "nobody is keeping us informed" = no one is telling us what we want to hear (@hypercube)

cleanse, detox
= go on a crash diet
clear skin products = skin lightening products (do a Google search)
dashing, debonair = good-looking man
dream (wedding, home) = vulgar, ostentatious

emotional intelligence
= Machiavellian manipulation, or what the Victorians called “character”. “Emotional Intelligence is a useful resource that helps develop networks, figure out hierarchy, and influence others.” BPS Research Digest//The trick is to use your emotional intelligence to recognise how you are feeling and how it impacts your work persona. EI is the ability to “motivate oneself and persist in the face of frustrations, to control impulse and delay gratification, to regulate one’s moods and keep distress from swamping the ability to think, to empathise and to hope," as defined by Daniel Goleman, the author of EI, Why It Can Matter More than IQ.

hard landscaping = paving over
intelligent working = hot desking
intriguing, baffling, compelling, colourful = charlatan Carl Gustav Jung
work ethic = willingness to be exploited Migrant workers have a “work ethic”, ie they work long hours for less than the minimum wages, no insurance/pension/holidays/benefits.
outspoken = criticising the government
severe weather, hard winter = cold, rain, snow, frost, hail, sleet, blizzard, flood

So when it's government intervention conservatives hate, it's 'nanny state'. When it's dictating morality, 'decency'. Just so we know. @gaipajama
statement necklaces = big necklaces
vibrant (when used to mean lots of non-English people). Independent banned list
waspishly impatient, easily bored = bastard. Times obituary June 30, 2011

More here, and links to the rest.

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